7 Awesome Classes to Try That do Not Feel like a Workout ...

By Teresa

As someone who loves the feeling that comes after the workout but hates the feeling during the workout, I’m always looking for workouts that don’t feel like work. Finding the perfect workout that feels like fun rather than hard work can be quite the challenge, but thankfully, I’ve tried out a bunch of these workouts and can confirm that they’ll be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for cardio or simply a core workout, one of these workouts will be the perfect workout for you!

1 Pilates

I never really understood what Pilates was until I took a class and found out for myself. To summarize an hour-long class, it was a lot of concentrated core work, but when I was doing the class, it didn’t feel like it was very hard. However, for at least a week after, I could barely move. I personally love that in a workout! It doesn’t feel like you’re doing much in the moment, but you’re sore afterwards! It’s the perfect workout!

2 Zumba

As a former dancer, Zumba doesn’t feel like a workout to me. That being said, even if you aren’t a dancer, this won’t feel like a workout to you either. You’ll feel like you’re out having fun and dancing with your friends. You’ll learn routines to fun music and get a good workout in too!

3 Piloxing

Pilates and boxing may seem like a strange combination, but with a bit of dance thrown in as well, it’s the only workout you’ll ever want to do! It combines the cardio workout and grace of a dance class with the weight training and agility of boxing to create a unique workout that I’m sure you’ll love.

4 Pop Physique

If you want to search for stars while getting a workout in, Pop Physique is the place for you. Stars like Mindy Kaling and Selena Gomez love Pop Physique to get a quick and efficient workout in! It takes the principles of ballet and applies them to this tailored workout, which attracts a ton of celebrities. Each class burns 500 calories, which is obviously amazing.

5 Yoga

You may associate yoga with calming and relaxation, and while that is the case, you can also do different moves and positions to help you strengthen your core and tone your muscles. Sure, it’s not exactly a heavy cardio workout, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a workout!

6 Water Aerobics

You don’t have to be 70 and older to enjoy a water aerobics workout. Working out in the water can be much easier on your joints, and if you’re like me and spent a decade and a half putting serious strain on your muscles at countless dance classes, some workouts can just cause more pain. Water aerobics are one of the freest ways to workout without hurting your joints, no matter your age!

7 Soul Cycle

Don’t get me wrong: spinning is not a joke. It’s an intense workout. However, with different places like Soul Cycle taking up residence, it’s a fun workout. They use music and lighting to turn a tough workout into a fun one that will keep you coming back!

What are your favorite classes that don’t feel like a workout? Let me know in the comments!

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