7 Yoga Poses to Challenge Your Body ...

To get in your best shape you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable in your workouts. Often I feel out of breath and I feel like I cannot go another moment into my workout, but something happens and I push on. Actually now that I think about this it happens just about every day. Sometimes you just need to go this uncomfortable place to push your workouts to the next level. Of course listen to your body and never overdo it. A true athlete is self- aware and knows their body. So channel your inner athlete or yogi and get in your best shape. Learn these poses and you may become addicted!

1. Handstand Happiness

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Go out on a limb and try this childhood move you once loved (and hopefully will love again). If you do not have a regular handstand practice, place hands on the ground and lean up against the wall for support. This will help build your upper body strength and give you a new upside view of the world.

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