Awesome Excercises to Get Sleek and Sexy Arms ...


Awesome Excercises to Get Sleek and Sexy Arms ...
Awesome Excercises to Get Sleek and Sexy Arms ...

Here’s a great piece of information that all women will love to hear: your upper back and shoulders typically carry less fat than any other part of your body. This means that the right arm exercises can give this area an instant makeover.

The upper body workout you will find below hits all the major muscles and will help to stabilize your shoulder joints, help your posture, and create that toned and strong look.

You will need a five to an eight pound weight for this workout. You will do 15 to 20 repititions of each exercise and you will move onto the next move with little to no rest between. You should do two to three sets three times a week.

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Reverse Fly

With dumbbells in hand, stand hip width apart and knees bent. Bend forward at the hips and hand your arms straight down, palms in. Raise your arms to the sides, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Repeat.


Bicep Curls

Hold your dumbbells at your side, palms forward, with your chest up and back straight. Bend your elbows and curl the weights up to your shoulders. Controlling the movement, lower the weights back to start. Repeat.


Dumbbell Cross Jab

Stand with your feet just slightly wider than hip width and knees bent slightly. Place the dumbbells at chest height with your elbows bent and palms in. Extend the left arm across your body. The weight should be aligned with the right shoulder now with the elbow straight. Bring back to start, repeat with your right arm. That is a single rep.


Lying Tricep Extension

Lie flat and hold your dumbbells above your head with your arms straight and palms in. Bend your elbows, bringing the dumbbells down until they are at either side of your head. Pause, and bring them back up. Repeat.

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