7 Fitness πŸ’ͺ Brands with the Cutest πŸ€— Workout Gear πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘š ...

I know that the main goal to working out it to lose weight, tone up and get in shape, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your style ambitions and preferences to do so! The workout fashion industry has really exploded over the last few years, with new brand releases for things like leggings and sports bras being just as anticipated as the latest runways in certain fashion weeks! On a more serious note, I do actually think that looking good in your exercise garments can motivate you to work harder and more often. Here are seven fitness brands with the cutest workout gear ever!

1. PrettyLittleThing

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PrettyLittleThing provides customers with some straight up, good old fashioned activewear, all with great style and amazing quality, of course. One of the best aspects of the brand is that it is one of the most affordable for its quality.

2. Gymshark

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The brand with the ever-growing cult following, Gymshark garments enjoy millions of likes on Instagram every single month. The brand is best known fit its amazing workout leggings that have the ability to make your buttocks look plump and sculpted whilst you are out there doing your thing!

3. Lululemon

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This is a brand that is leading the market in the fusion style that we all like to call β€˜athleisure’. The items are totally functional and practical for any type of workout you can think of, but they have a really pleasing street style edge to them as well.

4. Athleta

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As the name suggests, this is another brand that achieves that perfect combination of athleticism and leisure. Athleta pieces look timeless and stylish, whilst also being more than up to the task of allowing you to have a hard-core workout.

5. Carbon38

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Carbon38 also take athleisure to a whole new level with their designs. You could literally wear some of their pieces both to the gym and on a night out if you so wished!

6. Fabletics

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This is a brand that was created and made super popular by Hollywood star Kate Hudson. It became another Instagram sensation, and you can rest assured that anything with Hudson’s name on it is of great quality. You can even sign up to awesome monthly subscription boxes.

7. Alo Yoga

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This yoga focused company make items that are going to help you achieve all of the flexibility and breathability that you need, with the added bonus of looking cuter than most of your everyday clothing!

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