1 Mile in Home Walking Workout Video ...


1 Mile in Home Walking Workout Video ...
1 Mile in Home Walking Workout Video ...

Are you just feeling lazy, unmotivated, embarrassed to work-out in public? Do you look at models and think... "I could never be her"... Think again! If you are able to walk, have a good pair of gym shoes, have a t-shirt, shorts or sweats, some water, and access to the video below, you can do it one day at a time!

Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
Published on Nov 7, 2014

Leslie is the guru of in-home walking. She has hundreds of workouts...all being walking in-home.

You can work out all in the comfort of your own home, whether in your living room, bedroom, etc. You can work out with others or alone. You can work out whether rain, sun, snow or ice.

Leslie has such a funny personality. She talks through the entire workout! Motivating and inspiring all the way.

Another bonus? She is free! No meetings to attend. No membership fees. No special food to buy to have delivered to your home.

I challenge you to do this video once a day. You are going to see results!

Good luck!

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