7 Ways Strength Training Can Help You during a Run ...


Pretty much every runner who is involved in running races would love to increase their speed, avoid injury and feel less fatigue but easier said than done.

If it was as simple as increasing your miles, this is something every runner would do without a second thought.

Nothing good in life ever comes easy, So if you would like to quicken your running time and become a more efficient runner, it will take proper running and strength training.2

And to achieve your goal of quickening your pace while avoiding an injury, strength training can be the golden ticket that you need.

So to help you get started let me share the ways that strength training can help you during a run.

1. Quicken Your Pace

If you begin to strength train and perform compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups, you will quicken your running pace and find it easier to cover your distance.

Go the extra mile by integrating a regular strength training program that includes squats, lunges and even free weights.

Your body will thank you with improved running results.

2. Help You to Stay Stronger Longer

If you find you are getting fatigued at the end of your run, you may need to add some strengthening exercises into your routine.2

Strength workouts will help you to feel like a powerhouse during your workout and you will have an extra spring in your step in your runs.

3. Recover Quicker

If you find that your legs feel heavy the day after a race and you tire out quickly in a run, you may need to add strength training into your current fitness regime.2

Simply adding free weights and total body exercises can have a tremendous effect on your running recovery time and you will heal to be ready for your next run!

Avoid Injury
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