The Best Exercise for Girls with Bad Knees ...

If you’ve ever suffered with knee pain while working out, you know that it’s not a pleasant experience.

My knees protest loudly when I do squats and lunges and it’s very hard to get through them.

Most experts will tell you that if you feel any kind of pain during exercise that it’s time to stop and find a new way to get your cardio and strength training.

Here are some moves that you can safely do if you have bad knees, but clear this with your doctor first, just to be sure.

1. Switch from Full Squats to Partial Squats

There’s no doubt squats can do wonders for your thighs and butt, but going into the full move can really make your knees hurt and is often not advised for certain conditions.

However, partial squats are usually fine since they are less intense and easier on your knees.

The technique is the same, but only lower yourself about halfway down to stay safe and still benefit.

Easy, right?

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