7 Sexy and Unexpected Ways to Burn Calories ...


I’m always looking for unexpected ways to burn calories, but did you know that there are some pretty sexy things we can do to help get our heart pumping?

Yes ma’am, there are plenty of ways to burn calories without stepping foot into a gym or jogging outdoors.

Don’t get me wrong, these “workouts” won’t take the place of a regular workout.

They’re just some fun extracurricular activities that happen to burn calories!2

Let me tell you about some of the most interesting and unexpected ways to burn calories so you can get in on the action!

1. Taking a Shower

One of the most unexpected ways to burn calories for me was that you can actually burn 40 calories taking a shower with your significant other!2

Take at least a 15-minute shower and use this time to shower your honey with love and burn some bonus calories while the two of you get clean!

What a great way to finish off your day!

2. Kissing

Kissing was another surprising and sexy way to burn calories, 68 to be exact!

This isn’t referring to short little pecks on the cheek and lips.

This is referring to long, passionate kisses.

Experts even say that if the kissing is more vigorous, you could burn up to 90 calories in an hour.

Kissing for an hour might seem like a long time but it’s an easy way to bond with your love!

3. Give a Massage

I love receiving massages as much as I enjoy giving them.

There’s something about soothing your significant other’s sore muscles or achy feet that makes you feel good and feel closer to them.

Next time you’re asked to play the role of masseuse, go for about 10 minutes and you can burn up to 50 calories!

Once you’re done giving the massage, you receive one, you can’t go wrong!

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