A Turbo-Charged Workout for Thinner Thighs in 7 Minutes ...

Do you want thinner thighs but you are not sure how to achieve this?

Thighs rubbing up against one another, feeling sweaty and plain uncomfortable?

Believe me, I get it, we have all been there.

But don't feel doomed.

Drop the fear of disappointment and get up to do something about it.

Life doesn't happen to you, you make life happen.

So work for results with some thigh toning exercises.

If you do these exercises combined with making healthier eating choices, you can achieve your goal.

So letโ€™s get moving with 7 minutes to thinner thighs:

1. Jog in Place

To elevate your heart rate and work the larger muscle groups in your legs, begin your 7 minute workout by jogging in place for one minute.

As you progress through the minute, gradually run quicker, pump your arms and pick your legs up as you work for thinner thighs!