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I absolutely love trampoline exercises. What could be more fun than bouncing to lose weight? While there is more to trampoline exercises than just happily jumping, it doesn't feel like a normal workout. The best part is there are some really easy exercises that'll help boost any weight loss goal. You can do them at home or at a gym that offer trampolines.

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Plus Jumps

One of my favorite trampoline exercises is the plus jump. When you start doing them, you'll notice you're moving in a plus sign shape. Start by jumping forward, then back. Next, jump right, then left. Repeat the process for at least a minute. You can change the intensity by jumping higher or faster. You can also do it for longer. It's one of the easiest to do and it's actually quite fun.


Prance Jumps

While you're not necessarily jumping, prance jumps are different from your usual jogging or running. I always feel a little like I'm trying to walk on the moon. Start by prancing, or jogging, in place on the trampoline at a slow pace for 30 seconds to a minute. Next, speed up the pace for another 30 seconds to a minute. It may take a few minutes to really feel comfortable doing these. Once you do, you'll love prance jumps.


Knee Lifts

If you really want to challenge your core, knee lifts are amazing. I do two different varieties. The first is the straight jump with a knee lift. As you jump up, lift your knees at the top of your jump. The other version is to jump side to side and lift your knees at the peak of your jump. Try to lift your knees as high as you can. It's easier than doing knee lifts without the trampoline.


Butt Kicker Jumps

Most people hate butt kickers because they really can kick your butt. On a trampoline, they're much easier. Start by jumping straight up. As you reach the peak of the jump, bring both legs up and back until your heels touch your butt. Do this with each bounce and you'll get an amazing leg, core and butt workout. You can change it up by doing one leg at a time if you want.


High Jumps

It can't get any easier than high jumps. The entire point of this exercise is to jump as high as you can. Until you try it, it might not seem like it does much, but trust me, it works your entire body. You'll have to jump a few times to warm up before trying these. The more used to the trampoline you get, the higher your jumps will be. Plus, they're just extremely fun and relaxing.



If you usually hate push-ups, get ready to change how you feel. Push-ups are done the same as usual, but the trampoline helps push you back into position. You'll get a nice core workout as you try to keep your body in position with the movement of the trampoline. If you only have a small trampoline, do push-ups by only placing your hands or feet on the trampoline.


Hip Twists

Your upper body really gets a nice workout when you do hip twists. I do recommend not twisting too quickly or you might hurt your side or back. Start by jumping up and twisting your hips to the right and back to the front before you land. Do this for at least 30 seconds and then switch sides. It may take some practice before you learn how high to jump for this one.


Trampoline Squats

This is probably the most difficult exercise on this list and it's still easy to do. The biggest problem is maintaining your balance when you land. To do a trampoline squat, start in a standing position and jump up. Position your body into a squat position before you hit the trampoline. Keep your arms straight out in front of your body to help your balance. Do a small jump to go back to the standing position.


Simple Jumps

I highly recommend doing simple jumps as your warm-up and cool-down. For a simple jump, bounce lightly so you're only about six inches from the trampoline. These are less than half of a high bounce. The idea is to ease your way into some of the other exercises and prep your body for the workout. Do these for one minute before and after your workout.

Jumping is a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. Invest in a mini trampoline to try these at home or find a trampoline class in your area. I know you'll fall in love with this fun fitness option. Have you ever tried trampoline fitness?

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Can't wait to try these! :D

I go trampolining once a week with my husband and DS so i cant wait to try this variety, i usually do some of these but hurray for next time i go !!

These all sound awesome! Ill be getting a large trampoline for my daughter for Xmas and I'm so excited for it too haha.

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