Small Dorm Rooms Are No Match for These Fun and Effective Exercises ...


Small Dorm Rooms Are No Match for These Fun and Effective Exercises ...
Small Dorm Rooms Are No Match for These Fun and Effective Exercises ...

Staying fit at college doesn't have to be a challenge with these exercises for small dorm rooms. You honestly don't need a large space to get a full body workout. Even if you have the most hectic schedules, these exercises for small dorm rooms are simple, fast and effective. Add these to all the walking you do on campus and you'll look and feel amazing.

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One of the best exercises for small dorm rooms is squats. Squats work your legs, butt, back and core. Plus, you're not limited to one type of squat. There are dozens to choose from. If you're able to add in small dumbbells, even better as you'll also be able to work your arms. I highly recommend watching a few squat workout videos on YouTube to find the right ones and ensure you're doing them correctly.



Think of planks as push-ups you hold. Planks are great for stabilizing and tightening your core, strengthening your legs and building muscle in your arms. As with squats, there are multiple types of planks. Start with the standard push-up pose and you'll quickly see just how effective they are. You can hold them for different amounts of time to vary your workout.



Sit-ups are a classic exercise and they're simple to do. All you need is something to slide your toes under to keep your heels on the floor and you're ready to go. Try different types to really work your core. Start simple if you're not used to sit-ups or you'll spend the next day feeling like you have the worst cramps ever. Also, don't do these if you have any back problems.


Butt Kicks

If you're ready for some cardio, butt kicks are just the thing to get your heart rate up. These work most of your lower body and will have your legs and butt burning. Basically, you just run in place, but try to kick your heels up to your butt as you run. It's more difficult than running in place. Try it in circuits of running in place and then butt kicks.


Simple Weight Lifting

You don't need a weight room to do strength training. Invest in a pair of adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells. You can usually adjust the weight anywhere from 5-50 pounds. These store easily under your bed and you can do a variety of weight lifting exercises. Add these to your squats and butt kicks for an even more intense workout.



There are far too many positions to list here, but yoga is perfect for dorm rooms. Most positions require very little space and you can even do some on your bed. I'd recommend buying a yoga mat to cushion the floor and give yourself better traction. Many free and paid yoga apps help guide you through a variety of routines to target specific areas and health conditions. Plus, it's great to do after a stressful day of classes.


Jumping Jacks

It may sound too simple, but jumping jacks are one of the best dorm room exercises. They don't take much space and they're easy to mix in with any of the other exercises on the list. Many people recommend doing this early in the morning to help improve blood flow and wake up faster. I recommend them myself simply as a great cardio exercise anyone can do.

College isn't an excuse not to exercise. While your food choices might be abysmal, it doesn't have to show. Try all of these different exercises when you get a free minute in your room and you won't believe the difference it makes. What are your favorite dorm room exercises?

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I really need to start working out again!

The one problem with butt kicks is that the people on the floor below will hate you XD

Very true @Lucy ...exactly what I was thinking ..also same with jumping jacks lol

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