7 Inexpensive Places to Buy Workout Clothes ...


Let's face it, between the equipment, memberships, and expensive places to buy workout clothes, staying fit can get pricey.

Thankfully, for every high-end activewear retailer, there are equally inexpensive and high-quality places to buy workout clothes.2

Even better, these places don't make you look like a paper bag running down the street.

All stores on this list pass the criteria of having clothes that make our shapes look better and keep us looking like beauties- even when training like a beast.

1. Old Navy


Old Navy is one of the newest inexpensive places to buy workout clothes that I have found.

They have everything from leggings and shorts to sport bras and yoga pants.

I love the simple, clean lines of their shirts and the thick fabric of the leggings;

no Lululemon wardrobe malfunctions here.

With tops that start at about $10 and leggings for as little as $15, we can have a new outfit for all our workout needs!

2. The Gap

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I am always surprised at the cute and inexpensive things GapFit has.

All of the clothes have that relaxed style the Gap is known for, along with simple lines that flatter our bodies.

If you are looking for some cool weather clothing, this is the place to go.

GapFit's hoodies and long sleeve shirts are oh-so stylish and have prices that will leave you enough pocket change to buy something you don't plan on sweating in.

3. Target

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Really, did anyone expect to not see Target on this list?

Target is one of the best places to get inexpensive everything.

Adorable accessories, check.

Super trendy home decor pieces, check.

Designers we though only celebrities could afford, check.

And now, super cute workout clothing that is bright and colorful without costing an arm and a leg- check, check, and check.

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