7 Inexpensive Places to Buy Workout Clothes ...


Let's face it, between the equipment, memberships, and expensive places to buy workout clothes, staying fit can get pricey.

Thankfully, for every high-end activewear retailer, there are equally inexpensive and high-quality places to buy workout clothes.

Even better, these places don't make you look like a paper bag running down the street.

All stores on this list pass the criteria of having clothes that make our shapes look better and keep us looking like beauties- even when training like a beast.

1. Old Navy


Old Navy is one of the newest inexpensive places to buy workout clothes that I have found.

They have everything from leggings and shorts to sport bras and yoga pants.

I love the simple, clean lines of their shirts and the thick fabric of the leggings;

no Lululemon wardrobe malfunctions here.

With tops that start at about $10 and leggings for as little as $15, we can have a new outfit for all our workout needs!

The Gap
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