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You don't have to slip into heels if you're insecure about your height.

You can head to the gym instead.

It sounds strange, but there are actually workouts that can help you look like you've grown.

If you're interested in the idea, here are a few of the best exercises that will help adjust your posture to make you appear taller:

1. The Chin Tuck

This exercise will make you feel funny, but that just means you're doing it correctly.

It simply requires you to stretch your neck while tucking in your chin.

To do that, you should scoop your head backward while pushing your chin with your fingertips to place it in the right spot.

Hold yourself in the position for five seconds and then release before you repeat the moves again.

2. Single Leg Dumbbell Row

As long as you have hand weights, you can do this exercise.

You'll place your feet hip-width apart, and then lift one of your legs out behind you.

Once you're parallel to the floor, lift the weights up and down, and then stand up again.

3. Reverse Fly

This exercise is going to train your upper back, which will help fix your posture.

You just have to grab some hand weights and bend yourself over slightly.

Keep your arms straight down at first, and then lift them up to your sides.

Of course, even if you don't have hand weights, you can give this exercise a try.

4. Back Extensions

Start by resting on your stomach with your hands one on top of the other.

Then you should lift your feet and arms about two inches from the ground at the same time.

Hold the position for only two seconds before you bring yourself back down.

5. Locust Pose

You should start by resting on your stomach with your forehead against the floor.2

While you exhale, you should lift your arms, chest, and legs off of the ground, keeping them parallel to the floor.

This may be a little too intense for some of you, which is why it's fine for you to raise one leg at a time, alternating every few seconds.

If you're still having trouble, you could also keep your palms pressed against the mat.2

Triangle Pose
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