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If you are not an early bird and never have been, waking up in the wee hours of the day to get your sweat on can become quite challenging. And believe me I get it, wake up at 5am daily and some days I even find it hard. But if you do simple things like get in a schedule, get to bed the night before early and make it part of your everyday life; you will become a morning exerciser. Exercising earlier in the day has proven to be most effective for people with goals of weight loss and getting in their best shape. And why is this? Well think about it, how often are you going to have a 5am meeting that is going to get in between you and your workout? Not very much I think. So become one of the many morning exercisers so that you can see and feel the difference too! Here is my tips because as a certified trainer I know just how you can do it!

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Get in a Schedule

Waking up never seemed so easy when you get in a regular schedule. If you get up 5am every day you will find yourself waking up before your alarm even goes up. You will feel fresh as a daisy and more accomplished after you complete your workout. So ride earlier to get your fit on and get in your best shape!


Set Several Alarms

Forget relying on one alarm clock to pull you from your warm cozy bed because you may 2, 3 or a dozen. I get that because I still do this even after many years of rising early. So there is no shame in setting a few alarms but I will tell you once your body in on a schedule, most days you will begin to wake up even without the alarm ringing in your ear.


Join a Workout Class

If you register for a class, especially if you pay for it, you are definitely more likely to show up and stick with it. I own a Bootcamp and myself, along with the members are definitely motivated to get up and get it done. So amplify your motivation by registering for an early exercise class.


Invite Friends

Invite your friends for a bonding early exercise session. Several powers are better than one so invite your friends to workout with you and get on track to becoming a morning exerciser. Didn’t you know that the early bird gets the six pack? Well you do now so set that alarm and get up early!


Lay out Clothes the Night before

Rummaging through clothes early, when it is still dark outside can leave you feeling in a bunch and may even lead you to not being in the mood. Set out clothes the night before so you are ready to dress and get to your workout immediately.


Make It a Habit

Get into a habit where your early workout is part of your daily ritual. Gone are the days of sleeping in till noon, this is the new and improved you so change for the betterment of your health and your life. And get to it today!


Get to Bed Early

Get to bed nice and early so you can get plenty of sleep and have plenty of energy to rise at the crack of dawn the next day. Sleep is important to help you to lose weight, lower the stress on your body and also have energy to get up early tomorrow!

So get to bed sleepy head so you can rise with the stars tomorrow and get your workout in. Every day we have a choice to sleep in and enjoy the warm covers or become a lean, mean training machine at the crack of dawn. I know who I am, what about you?

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I sometimes sleep in a sports bra & clothes and then wake up to head to the gym.

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