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Before joining a gym, there are a lot of important questions that should be asked. If you don't ask the right questions you could be making an expensive mistake, and even put yourself at risk of injury. Too many people have found themselves using substandard equipment, or locked into a contract they can't use. Here are some essential questions you should ask before joining a gym …

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Are the Trainers Qualified?

One of the most important questions to ask before joining a gym is concerning the trainers' qualifications. You need to know that they're experienced and have followed a recognised training course. Someone who's not properly qualified could do you more harm than good.



It's crucial to ensure that the trainers at your gym are qualified and knowledgeable in their field. Look for trainers who have certifications from reputable organizations such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). You can also ask about their experience and specialties, as well as any additional training or education they have received. It's also important to note that not all certifications are equal, so do some research on the organization and their requirements for certification. Additionally, consider the gym's reputation and ask for recommendations from current or past clients to get a better understanding of the trainers' expertise.


What Instruction is Available?

As well as an initial induction, you will also want to be shown how to use equipment. Will there be staff available at all times to help you with any queries you may have? An instructor isn't just there to show you how equipment works; they are also an important factor in helping you to stay motivated. If there's no-one around, you may lose interest in pushing yourself to work out.


Can I Cancel?

Always find out the policy on canceling your membership. Gyms are notorious for locking members into long contracts, and many people have found themselves stuck with paying hefty membership fees. Be sure that you can cancel your membership if you don't like the gym or can't attend for some reason.


Trial Membership

Check if the gym offers a trial membership. A good gym will allow you to try out the facilities before you commit yourself, so that you can be sure it is the right gym for you. They should also offer you a free assessment, which will look at your general health and fitness.


What is Included?

Few things are more annoying when using a gym than finding that your membership doesn't even cover everything you want. Find out if classes are included. There may be extra costs for everything from induction classes to locker rental. If you're already paying quite a large fee, you may not want to pay for lots of extras.


Can I Get a Tour?

A good gym should be happy to show you around so that you can inspect the facilities. Be wary if you're told that the gym is undergoing refurbishment. The promised facilities that persuade you to sign up may never actually materialise. It may be better to wait until the facilities are ready, or look for a gym that has everything available.


How Busy is the Gym?

Check how busy the gym gets - when you most want to use certain facilities may be exactly when everyone else wants to use them as well. It will be very frustrating if you can never get to the equipment. If you don't have particular aims in mind, ask what is most likely to be available, and if your timetable is more flexible, find out when off-peak times are.

It may seem that there are a lot of questions to ask before signing up for a gym membership, but it's really important that you choose the right place for you. You need to feel happy with the gym, or you'll end up losing interest - and a lot of money. Have you any funny gym stories?

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