7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Studying Abroad ...


7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Studying Abroad ...
7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Studying Abroad ...

Just because you are going away to school in another country, don’t think there aren’t plenty of ways to stay in shape while studying abroad. The principles of keeping fit and staying in shape apply wherever in the world you may be. It may be that you have to adjust the habits or routines you’ve followed at home, but you’ll find ways to stay in shape while studying abroad, and that won’t be such a hardship, will it?

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Become a Cyclist

Hipster or not, using a bike to get around is sensible. It is eco-friendly, cheaper, gets you through traffic faster and provides exercise so you stay in shape while studying abroad. The great thing about cycling is you aren’t even aware it’s an exercise. It’s a way to sightsee from close range. Rent a bike and keep your legs toned and shapely. Why do you think Dutch girls have great legs?


Live like a Gym Bunny

It’s highly likely you are a gym member back home. Fortunately, every city around the world has gyms. Depending on the length of your study visa, take out a full or part-time gym membership. Try getting a student discount. Being away from home isn’t an excuse not to look fit, so exercise regularly and stay healthy while studying abroad.


Back to School Gym Bunny

There is always a possibility that private gym fees may be too expensive for a student. Don’t give up on a gym regime. Find out if your school has a gym. Make time according to your schedule for working out. Not only will your fitness levels improve but you’ll get to meet other students on campus and broaden your social circle. Making friends is part of health and well-being.


Sign up with the Local Sports League

Chances are if you’re a gym member then you enjoy playing one or more sports. Games like tennis, basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball and cricket are universally loved. Having a definite fixture on your schedule gives you a break from your studies. Playing in a team gives an excellent physical workout and it’s a great way to make friends and socialize after a game (even with your opponent). It’s important to keep fit while studying abroad.


Try a New Activity

It’s possible the sports you play aren’t available in your new location, especially if you find yourself studying in a smaller town. Find out what is available and adopt their traditional sport, even if it doesn’t provide the best way to stay in shape while studying abroad. For example, many cultures have a form of skittles or bowls or a sport that requires skill, not physical fitness. No matter, the locals will be more receptive to someone who shows an interest in what is dear to their culture. It’s a valuable opportunity to interact with the locals. Having fun does help burn calories.


Walking and Running

The best exercises between gym, cycling, the sports league and traditional activities are walking and running. Both these exercises strengthen your heart, lungs and endurance as you stay in shape while studying abroad. All you need is a safe path, trail or road and a pair of trainers. It doesn’t cost anything to walk or run. If it’s safe you can walk or run alone or you could join a group. Like cycling, this is a great means of seeing the sights and getting to know you location.


Opt for the 30 Minute Workout

Being a student and wanting to stay healthy while studying abroad sometimes clash. This is due to time constraints. Being a student takes up a lot of time and brain power. You don’t need to exercise for hours. All it takes is thirty minutes. Adopt a workout made up of cardiovascular, upper and lower body exercises. (Six exercises completed as a circuit of one minute each and resting a few seconds in-between each.) You don’t even need a gym. Effective exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, burpee thrusts and squats don’t require gym equipment.

There’s absolutely no need to worry that going to school in a different country means staying in shape while studying abroad is going to be difficult. See it all as part of your new adventure and everything will be A-okay. How do you exercise when you're away from home?

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