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7 Fab Ab Tips so You Can Achieve a Flat Stomach ...

By Tara

Everyone wants to achieve a flat stomach so that they can look and feel good, but most are unsure how to attain this. All the constant fads, gimmicks and infomercials create an even larger desire for the public to get these fabulous abs they read about and watch, so is it possible? Are lean, flat abdominal muscles only for those with good genes? Let me share with you the ways you can achieve a flat stomach because it is entirely possible if you are ready to put some time and energy into your days:

1 Fab Abs Are Not Just for the Gods and Goddesses

Fab abs are not just for the gods, goddesses and celebrities of the world, but for anyone willing to put in the time exercising and focus on eating healthy. You can have a flat stomach if you are willing and ready to put in the time and energy to achieve this.

2 Flat Stomachs Are Not Just for Those with Good Genes

Often as a trainer I witness clients that dismiss weight on their middle section to having poor genes but I help and guide them to achieve the flat stomach they have dreamed of. These experiences only further the idea that flat stomachs, 6 packs and chiseled abs are not just for those with good genes so get working to achieve this.

3 70% of Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Although cardio and abdominal exercises strengthen and develop your abdominal muscles, it all comes down to diet. 70% of abs are made in the kitchen because healthy eating is like magic. It makes your body look and feel amazing. Don’t search for a miracle. Make the magic happen right in your home by eating healthy.

4 You Can Still Eat Carbohydrates

One of the biggest myths for people working for a flat stomach is that you must give up carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an essential and healthy fuel for your cells' and brain's functionality, however I recommend cutting out carbs 2-3 hours before you go to bed to eliminate bloating and achieve the flat stomach you are working for!

5 Eliminate Refined Sugars

To achieve a flat stomach, look no further than your very own home filled with healthy grains, veggies, and fruits. To get your exercise get out for a run, hike, bike ride and integrate some abdominal exercises, but make sure you eliminate refined sugars as this will cause bloating. By cutting out refined sugar you will eliminate a major body toxin and your abs will look great as a result!

6 Eliminate or Limit Soda

Soda or any other carbonated drink causes excessive bloating and it will make your stomach look larger, so why not solve this problem by not drinking it? Drink plenty of water and to eliminate bloating add lemon and lime slices, a natural diuretic for your body! Water is refreshing and thirst quenching, unlike soda!

7 You Can Still Have Great Abs after Children

One of the biggest fears of women of child bearing age is that their stomach and body will be destroyed postpartum and this is far from the truth. Yes your body will change but embrace your new body and if you eat healthy you will regain your slim and sculpted figure. As a mom of 3, I love my body now even more than when I was a teen and the best part is when you are in good shape you have the energy to keep up with your children with great abs to prove the shape you are in!

I hope you enjoy my flat abs tips to help you achieve the stomach of your dreams. What are your abdominal goals and how will you achieve them?

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