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If you are a morning exerciser like me then to ensure you don’t forget something, go through this list of things to remember if you have to get ready at the gym. Getting ready in a locker room is possible as long as you remember all of the right tools! There is nothing worse than busting through a grueling workout all to realize that you forgot your shower shoes, deodorant or makeup once it’s time to get showered up! With a little bit of planning and this list of things to remember if you have to get ready at the gym, the hardest part about your workout won’t have to be remembering all of your stuff!

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Shower Things

The first of the things to remember if you have to get ready at the gym is all of the items that you will need for the shower. Many gyms and locker rooms will provide basic shampoo and conditioner; however, there are many other things to remember besides just shampoo and conditioner. Personally, I’d rather remember my shower shoes above all else when it comes to showering in a public place. A few more things to remember for your shower are body wash, a razor, towels and a lightweight robe. There is nothing better than a good shower after a tough workout as long as you have all of the right supplies!



Another thing that you don’t want to forget when packing your bag to get ready at the gym is your undergarments. Underwear, a bra and socks are easily forgotten if you don’t think the entire getting ready process through. Pack them first so that they don’t become an afterthought!


Hair Accessories

Getting ready outside of your home can require multiple bags due to all of the appliances you might need. Depending on your hair and how you style your locks, you might need one appliance or you might need three. While some gyms supply the locker room with a hair dryer, I wouldn’t count on that being there every time if you blow dry your hair in the morning. Things to consider when thinking about your hair care include a brush, blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, hot rollers and hair products such as hair spray, heat protectant, mousse, etc.



A rather important thing to remember if you are getting ready at the gym is your work outfit. I like to pick out what I am wearing the night before, place it in a garment bag and then put it in my car before I even go to sleep. This way, I am sure not to forget the most important part of my ensemble! After you have picked out your outfit, go ahead and throw your shoes in your bag too! You might be able to get away with forgetting your socks, but your pants? I don’t think so!



Another important thing for us ladies to remember if we are getting ready away from the home is our makeup! I have heard a lot of girls say that they like to keep two separate makeup bags, one for travel/locker and one for home. This sounds like a great idea, but personally, keeping one makeup bag well-stocked is plenty for my beauty budget! While it might be annoying to carry around your makeup bag throughout the day, once you get into a pretty good habit of throwing it in your bag as you go out the door it becomes no issue!



While jewelry is not a requirement, a few accessories certainly add a little splash and sparkle to every outfit! It might be hard to remember all of your accessories but if you put them in your garment bag with your clothes the night before, there is no way you will forget them! Be sure to think about them all: earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, scarves, belts, etc.


Scent Savors

Depending on your office policy, another thing not to forget are your scents: your deodorant and perfume. While your office might request that you go easy on the sniffs, one thing they won’t encourage that you skip is deodorant. After a tough workout, you might continue to feel heated and sweat well into the morning. After forgetting my deodorant one morning, I now keep an extra bar in my bag and never take it out to prevent this from happening again. When it comes to fragrances, be sure to be mindful of your work environment. If you work in a cube or close to others, go easy on the number of sprays that you use! No one wants a fragrance headache all day long!

If you are a morning exerciser, don’t let the fear of getting ready away from your home stop you from getting in a good workout. There is no greater feeling than being done with your workout long before many people even wake up! Are you a morning exerciser or do you prefer evenings? If you get ready at the gym, is there anything that you often forget?

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I always forget my hairbrush!

Really unhelpful if you do not commute by car and do not feel like having a suitcase with.

Easier to rent a locker at the gym, where you store flip flops, deodorant, hair stuff. Use dry shampoo, have spare underwear in said locker. Have a makeup kit in handbag along with flat shoes for commute

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