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7 Effective Fusion Workout Routines to Try in the Coming Year ...

By Sabrina

Fusion workouts are a great way to make reaching your New Year’s resolution of attaining a better body fun and exciting. I’ve heard people advocate tons of different workouts, but not all of them are enjoyable or effective. Luckily, fusion workouts are both - which is why they are popular and are definitely something you should try out in the coming year.

1 Tread

Who doesn’t love a good run on the treadmill? But for me, it gets pretty boring just watching the gym’s muted TV while jogging. That’s why one of the most effective fusion workouts I know of is Tread. These high-energy classes spice up the hum-drum treadmill life. In Tread, you’ll alternate between the treadmill and strengthening moves, so that there’s never a dull moment. Because the routine can vary each class, Tread is sure to maintain your interest in the workout until you’ve burned maximum calories!

2 PiYo

PiYo is on my personal list of favorite fusion workouts. Just as the name suggests, PiYo is a combination of pilates and yoga. The pilates aspect ensures that you get your heart rate up and stay pumped throughout the workout, while the yoga side of PiYo is restorative and soothing. Since this workout is a mixture of two challenging and healthful activities, the effects are stellar! You’ll see changes in your body appear rapidly, as you lean out, build muscle, increase flexibility, and have a great time creating a new you!

3 ZenCore

ZenCore targets every exerciser at every stage of a workout experience. This fusion workout is a combo of yoga, cardio, and core conditioning, and can produce staggering results! The sequence of the workout goes like this: a yoga pose to prepare your body for a great workout, then a few dynamic moves to build muscle and increase your heart rate, followed by another pose that will stretch and restore your muscles. By finishing off your workout with some focused meditation, you’ll strengthen your mind and end your workout feeling zen! After practicing ZenCore, you and your friends will surely notice a change in both your body and attitude!

4 Turbo Kick

Turbo Kick was created by the same amazing woman who invented PiYo, Charlene Johnson. Turbo Kick combines kickboxing and dance to breathe life back into your workouts. Not only is this fusion fun, but it’s a challenging workout that will kick your heart rate sky high. Since Turbo Kick is all cardio all the time, you decide how many calories you’ll burn based on how hard you work. But the high-energy music makes it easy to stay active during your entire workout!

5 Piloxing

Piloxing is the workout craze celebrities have been raving about! And if you haven’t already tried it, I recommend it for the new year. This fusion of pilates and boxing is sure to get you the results you desire, sculpting your body from head to toe. It’s also bound to boost your confidence and enhance your workout experience with flirty dance moves tossed into the routine.

6 Barre

If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout that’s still low impact, Barre may be the way to go. Barre fuses Pilates, ballet, sports conditioning and stretching to provide you with a fun and unique workout experience. Barre focuses not only on sculpting your lower body and abs but also on increasing your flexibility and improving your posture. Barre demands serious willpower but can transform your body in minimal time. Barre is the way to get that beautiful dancer’s body we all envy without wearing uncomfortable shoes and tutus!

7 Bellyfit

What do you get when ancient holistic exercise marries modern fat-torching pilates? Bellyfit! Bellyfit was created exclusively for women to strengthen both mind and body in a safe and effective way. Bellyfit classes begin with a calorie burning combo of African, Bollywood, and Belly Dance and continue with pilates to sculpt and tone your body. Bellyfit concludes with meditation to provide for a happier, stronger you.

Which workouts listed above do you want to try out?

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