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As a trainer for over a decade I work on ways to get a better physique for my clients on a daily basis. And from this experience, I have studied and learned what works and what does not. There are specific things you can do in your workouts and what you choose to eat that can make a world of difference in helping you achieve your best body. They key is knowing what those ways to get a better physique are, so read and discover them:

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Cardio is up

Work your total body with a cardio workout by walking or running for 45 minutes. To increase the intensity and the number of calories you burn, pump your arms quicker. This is a great way to bump up your total body workout to the next level and also one of the best ways to get a better physique. It is cardio that will help you to lower your fat stores and get leaner.


Get Stronger

A training technique called nonlinear periodization will help to get stronger in 40% less time so why not give it a try! What is it? Varying your weight amount and repetitions rather than staying at a constant rate can provide you more strength benefits. So if you are lifting 8 pounds, jump to 10, then back down to 8 for several reps. Also vary the amount of repetitions in each session for 3 days a week. This will help you to get a better body!


Tone Your Abs

To see definition in your abs, stop focusing on hundreds of crunches and vary your abdominal exercises to get the most out of your workouts. Focus on 10 crunches, a plank, and 10 side obliques each side. Tighten your core at the end of each exercise to really feel the burn. Remember it is all about quality abdominal exercises rather than quantity.


Focus on Injury Prevention

In order to get the most out of your workouts and prevent an injury, it is vital that you focus on proper form. Never rush through an exercise or your form will suffer as a result. Slow down and focus on the exercises you are performing. Also make sure you maintain a strong posture so you avoid lower back pain.


Eat Clean and It Will Be Seen

If you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in this order, you will see and feel the difference. People that eat healthy get to see even more benefits from their exercise, recover quicker and have more productive fitness sessions. Focus on eating healthy so you can get the body you deserve rather than chasing a dream.


Stretch It out

Just a one hour car ride can put stress on your glutes and hamstrings so imagine sitting at a desk for 8 hours without movement! Get up and stretch throughout the day to keep your body limber, prevent injury and just feel better! Hold each stretch for 15 to 20 seconds then release and stretch another muscle group. This will help you perform your best in your workouts and help you achieve a dynamite physique!


Get to Bed Earlier

Lack of sleep can cause weight gain by the body releasing the hormone cortisol (which is a fat gainer) and be affecting your workouts adversely. So get to bed earlier tonight and aim for 7-9 hours of peaceful sleep so that you can lose weight and see the benefits from your workouts the next day. Sleep and healthy eating is the best fuel to power your workouts, so get to bed!

If you follow these tips, get ready to achieve incredible
results you have seen across the fitness magazine covers. So tell me, are you ready for a better physique? Then get moving starting today!

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@hala you just have to find a workout that you enjoy! There are sooo many different gyms and group fitness classes, and most places offer a free week. Have you tried Barre classes or yoga? That's what got me into working out ☺️

@Hala I was like that too! But I found out I fell in love with yoga and kick boxing!! Two completely different workout routines and you hardly even realize your exercising because they're so much fun!! I'd suggest finding something and someone to donut with you, it's always better / easier when you have someone with you starting off!!

It's just sooo hard to start and when I do start I give up like after a week

This is pretty much common sense!!

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