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9 Reasons You Don't Need a Personal Trainer ...

By Heather

If you’re looking to join a gym this year but can’t afford a personal trainer, don’t worry because there are many reasons you don’t need a personal trainer that you might not even be aware of. Personal trainers are excellent for many things, including showing you safety tips with machines, correct form to prevent injury and optimize your workouts, and they’re great motivators who are also physically fit and live the lifestyle you’re looking to live. So, why don’t you need one, you might ask? I've got plenty of reasons you don't need a personal trainer to help save yourself some sanity, and some money. Personal trainers are amazing, but if you can’t afford one, that’s no reason to avoid working out, or get down in the dumps about your fitness routine.

1 Complimentary Sessions

For starters, one of the main reasons you don’t need a personal trainer is because many gyms offer new members complimentary sessions with a trainer, in one or two increments. This means they’ll be able to show you everything you need to know about safety and form, all within those sessions. They’ll also be able to give you an example of what a good routine in a gym visit looks like. If your gym doesn’t offer this, ask them if you can have one or two free sessions. Then, just don’t sign up for any more! After that you’ll be able to wing it on your own and develop your own flow.

2 You’re Your Best Motivator

Many people rely too much on someone else to motivate them, whether that be a workout buddy or a personal trainer. Yet, what I’ve learned over the years is that I’m my best motivator. I know how far to push myself, how to get my booty in workout mode even when I don’t feel like it, and I always tell myself how much better I’ll feel afterwards. You are your best motivator. Quit relying on a personal trainer or anyone else to get you up and moving. Do it for you!

3 Cardio is Free

Cardio is one of the best exercises to get you in shape quickly, and it burns calories in a quick amount of time. It also stokes your metabolism all day long, and guess what? It’s free! This means you don’t need a personal trainer to go take a walk, jog, or run. Indoors or out, cardio’s free and does not require you to hire a trainer to get you to do it.

4 Body Weight Counts

Sure, personal trainers are great to teach you how to lift weights and all, but your body weight is actually the only real body weight you need to work out with. Other weights are a bonus after that. To do weight bearing exercises, do the old-fashioned stuff. You know what I mean. Pushups, situps, stair-climbing, squats, lunges, and all that fun stuff. Other options include yoga or HIIT training. If you need motivation or to learn how to do it but can’t afford a trainer, watch a YouTube video online! They’re free and you can practice right in your living room.

5 The Internet

Here’s something you might not guess when thinking about reasons not to hire a personal trainer, yet it’s a good reason to consider. The Internet is full of amazing resources you can find to show you how to work out properly. One great site specifically for bodybuilding is, which you can find here: There are also many YouTube videos and tons of fitness websites to learn from. Spend some time online and you won’t need a personal trainer, or probably even want one.

6 Nutrition Counts

One other reason not to hire a personal trainer is because your nutrition counts just as much to your health and fitness as working out does, if not slightly more. You’ve got to take care of your body by feeding it good foods that are clean, unprocessed, and offer a variety of nutrients. If your diet stinks, no amount of personal training or exercise is going to help you.

7 They’re Pricey

Let’s be honest, one of the most obvious reasons not to hire a trainer is they are pricey! Personal training can be one of the most expensive bills you ever set yourself up for when it comes to getting fit. Let me tell you that while I think personal trainers are great and they’re respectable people with passionate careers, they are also very overpriced, and not worth the money on a long term basis.

8 Competition Considerations

Many professional athletes will hire a trainer, which I agree with for a competition of whatever nature. Anyone preparing for a competitive event has more of a reason to hire a trainer because they’re trying to win a competition. However, most of us who aren’t trying to win a trophy or title and just want to get healthy don’t need one on a daily basis.

9 The Right Fit

Another reason not to hire a trainer is because it might take a few rounds of dealing with personal trainers to even find one you like. I’ve had free sessions with trainers I loved, but others I hated. Some didn’t know me well, were cruel, distant, or just didn’t show me exercises I enjoyed. I don’t think it’s worth paying money to keep trying to find one that works for you anyway, when you can do most any exercise right at home.

I don’t have a trainer, or a gym membership. What I do have is a fit body, and I work out on my own each day. I do 45 minutes cardio outside or in, pushups, crunches, Pilates DVDs, yoga, kettlebells, hand weights, and old-fashioned toning exercises. We are all capable of doing this if we put our heads in the game, no trainer needed! Do you pay for personal training?

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