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Are you looking for some unique workout videos? Get the benefits of a class and the time spent with a personal trainer simply by popping in that DVD! Buy a few used workout DVDs on eBay and Amazon then kiss that gym membership cost good-bye!

Do you like to be unique? Me too. While she is pumping it a the gym and jogging all over the neighborhood, I can laugh all the way to my DVD player!

The following are some great unique workout videos that I've found for you.

1. Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Dance Workout

If youโ€™re a new to intermediate level exerciser who is into country music, you will love Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Dance Workout DVD. Also suitable for anyone looking for a low-to-medium intensity cardio workout. Exercisers with more experience may like to use it on days they want a fun and easy workout. This is one of my favorite unique workout videos.

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