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A Definitive List of the Types of Gyms You Can Choose from ...

By Neecey

Gyms have their good and bad points but there are different types of gym you might consider joining, each type offer their own benefits and not so good points. If you’re new to the world of “gym”, are not happy with your current membership or just fancy a change, maybe there’s an option among the various types of gym that will suit you perfectly.

1 24-hour Gyms

We might not give much thought of the types of gym available when we decide to sign up. But if we have a schedule that isn’t traditional, a 24-hour gym could be ideal. These gyms accommodate any schedule, and are open even if you just can’t sleep and need someplace healthy to go. Many of the big chains have seemingly endless types of equipment, so not only do they accommodate your schedule but your exercise goals. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or just need a little cardio, these gyms have what you need. They may be more expensive, and while the equipment is available 24 hours a day, many of the classes are only available to people working more traditional hours.

2 Women-only Gyms

Sometimes, women can be less intimidated or embarrassed if they exercise with other women. Men may intimidate women because women feel like they are being watched, ridiculed or judged by men but feel less so with women. Many exercise programs are customized for women. Women in the company of other women may feel more supported and less judged, and don’t feel like they need to look good for men. Women are all are coming to the gym for the same purpose and getting fit sometimes isn’t pretty.


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3 No Frills Gyms

If you just need the equipment and no frills, these kinds of gyms may be right up your alley. There likely won’t be any water fountains, towels, locks for lockers, or extended hour of operation. Sometimes these gyms aren’t even manned. Most of these gyms are not open as early or as late as many to the more full-service gyms, but will usually cost significantly less money. The reduced cost is usually due to less space utilized, less sophisticated equipment, lower labor costs and lack of luxury services like swimming pools, spans, daycare, personal trainers, or group fitness classes.

4 Specialty Gyms

Some gyms focus on certain elements of exercise rather than the entire spectrum. For example, Aerobics gyms, yoga gyms, or kickboxing gyms are popular and trendy. They focus on one element of exercise and make it fun to participate. You go these to do your routine, and don’t pay for the things you don’t use.

5 Sports Clubs

If you like certain sports join a gym that incorporates this sport into its offerings. People who love racquetball, tennis, swimming or other sport can hone their sport at the gym if they choose the right one. Usually the gym is one of the larger ones that have a number of athletic offerings. They can be more expensive, however, local YMCA’s often offer sport facilities and sometimes even sports leagues.

6 Circuit Gyms

These gyms are great if you’re short on time and don’t want to have to think about what to do next. They are set up to take the guesswork out of which machine you should use and the order in which you use them. Exercises done on the right machine and at the right interval make work-outs quick and precise, so you can get in and get out.

7 Gyms for the Overweight

Sometimes people trying to lose weight don’t want to be surrounded with buff, gorgeous people, reminding us how far we are from our goal. This can sometimes make us lose our motivation to keep going because we feel judged. However, several gyms are catering to the overweight set, so they may come into a gym and work out with people who face the same struggles. Some gyms have a limit-for example, for some you must be 50 pounds overweight.

What category does your gym fall into? Now you know the types of gym, do you think you’re signed up at the right one? And, if you’re still undecided, I hope this info helped. Let us know what you eventually decide!

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