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Do you want to know the exercises to target cellulite? People of all ages, shapes and sizes can have cellulite and this is not because of obesity but genetics. Do your genes have you doomed to a lifetime of pesky cellulite? Absolutely not! So stop blaming mom and get your body moving in the right direction to great results by starting this today. With the right exercises and healthy eating choices, you can reduce your cellulite and get in your best shape. So get started with these exercises to target cellulite:

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Target Your Legs and Butt

Target your legs and butt with this great workout segment that you can do just about anywhere. This exercise routine is filled with fat blasting, cellulite killing exercises because of the larger muscle groups that it targets. Make a goal of performing this routine for 3 days a week along with a healthy eating plan for the best results. And get ready to target cellulite and earn results!


Fight the Cellulite

Check out this great video segment so that you can fight the cellulite and feel fabulous. This video is great because it is the first of a series of video segments to help you to tone and tighten your legs. It combines a series of butt blasting workouts that will have you feeling the burn and seeing results in no time!


Combat Cellulite in 10 Minutes

Try this workout for 10 minutes daily for 4 weeks to combat cellulite. Focus on proper form and perform this video along with healthy eating. You are what you eat so if you want to be fit and fab, eat healthy and do these exercises. And say farewell to the cellulite in your life!


30 Minute Blast

Say bon voyage to that cellulite hiding on your legs and butt after you perform this 30 minute video for just a few weeks. All you need are a mat and foam roller to perform this super effective exercises. And the foam roller will help to tone and break up muscle fiber to help you to see the best results. So are you ready to transform your body? Then try this video for 3 days a week and put down that cookie to pick up an apple. A great body starts in the kitchen!


Firm up and Look Fab

By performing the various squats and other leg exercises in this video, you can tone your lower half and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Just focus on getting through this entire video and keep your eye on the prize: great results!


Sexy Thigh

Check out this sexy thigh workout to learn a number of exercises you probably have never seen before. These exercises will help to build strength and tighten your legs to get rid of the unwanted cellulite. So what are you waiting for? Get started to earning amazing fitness results!


Thigh Blast

Want to blast the cellulite off your legs? Then check out this super Denise Austin video. Denise will push you to work your legs in a different way and reshape your body. So tune in to her high energy and kick your own butt.

So are you ready to start working to great results? Then get up, get moving and start blasting that cellulite!

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I like this, not because I have cellulite, but because these workouts are good for your legs and bum

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