7 Times when It's Okay to Skip a Workout ...


Despite what many say, there are times it's okay to skip a workout. You won't instantly lose all your hard work if you skip a workout sometimes. Whether you're simply too busy one day or just don't feel good, you shouldn't beat yourself for not exercising every single day. Give yourself a break during these times it's okay to skip a workout. Sometimes we all need a break.

1. Illness

One of the best times it's okay to skip a workout is when you're sick. A common rule is if the symptoms go below your neck, you should save your workout until you're better. For instance, if you're congested and coughing, exercising is just going to make you cough harder. If you truly don't feel good, take some time to rest. At the very least, reduce the intensity of your workout to conserve energy for fighting off your illness.

Physical Injury
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