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If you are looking for amazing fitness results, there are endless reasons to push yourself in your workout. If you exercise at a lower level you will not get the same benefits of strengthening your heart and seeing the weight loss you desire. If you exercise consistently for several months and are still not seeing results, you are probably not pushing yourself enough. You may see P90X and other intense programs providing great results and all for a reason; these workouts push you at a higher intensity. It just may be time to step it up to the next level with a higher intensity fitness program. Not convinced just yet? Let me share with you with the reasons to push yourself in your workout:

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Get Better Results

Are you walking every day at the same pace and still not seeing weight loss results? If yes, chances are you need to push yourself more in your workout. Push yourself by adding 1 minute bursts of running or speed walking every 5 minutes. Whatever you choose to do to rev up your workout make sure you are feeling your breathing labored; this is a great gauge of intensity. Results tops my reasons to push yourself in your workout.


Get Health Benefits You Deserve

No seeing your LDL cholesterol reduce or a decrease in your high blood pressure numbers? Maybe your workout is just not working out because you are not pushing yourself enough. Make sure you increase your heart rate and finish every workout hot and sweaty.


Remove Toxins from Your Body

Did you know every time you sweat, you are removing toxins from your body? Sweating is very healthy but make sure you are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated, so you sweat and avoid dehydration. And if you are sweating buckets, chancing are you are exercising at a higher intensity.


Spend Less Time

If you exercise at a higher intensity you can spend less time exercising and yet still see results. Studies have shown people that exercise 3-4 days fort 45 minutes of intense training see greater results than every day exercisers. So save some time by making every fitness moment count.


You Sit All Day

If you sit for the majority of the day at work, you really need to push yourself in your workout. People that are less active have a higher risk of disease because of their lower immunity. Boost your immunity by pushing yourself in your workout.


Keep up the Motivation

If you push yourself in your workout with speed intervals, high intensity and strength spurts you will keep up your motivation, excited to do more. This is a great reason to push yourself in your workouts!


Elevated Mood and Less Stress

How great do you feel after you push yourself in your workout? Accomplished and like you can do anything and with a surge of energy? And then there's the best part of pushing yourself - you will feel less stressed and ready to conquer the world!

Are you ready to push yourself in your workout? Maybe if I run into you we can push each other. I'm always ready for a fun fitness pal to train with! Happy training and here’s to your best health and best body this year!

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I love my zumba

I am a firm believer in managing expectations. I have been kicking my own @$$ in the gym for a year and a half but I know that I will never "see" results until I eat better or get lipo. However, I feel better and my knee hurts way less, which are more gratifying results than any measly weight loss could ever be.

Love it

No pain no gain !

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