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It can be very demotivating to the longevity of your workout routines if you find the places your muscles hurt are consistently the same and also persistent. It would be so easy to give up because it is too hard, or to downgrade your routine so your exercises are easier – neither of which will do your fitness or health any good. The better option is to understand the places your muscles hurt and why. This will help you evaluate the exercises you are doing and change them where necessary – it could be anything from not moving in the most efficient way so your ergonomics are off kilter to working certain parts of your body too strenuously.

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Calf Muscles

Calf Muscles There are quite a few reports showing that women who wear stilettos have their calf muscles adjust to the way they walk. People who wear them every day may even find walking long distances in flats a struggle because of their calf muscles hurting. The calf muscle down the back of your leg is going to be one of the places your muscles hurt if you start doing walking, running or stepping exercises because they are used in a way contrary to what they are used to when walking in stilettos. If they do hurt after exercise then it is actually a good thing as it means you are using the muscles in ways they are not normally, which means that posture problems caused by stilettos will not affect you.


Under the Arms

Under the Arms This is an area where fat builds up, and is an area commonly called “Bingo Wings” or “Dinner Lady Arms.” As you may imagine, this area stores fat because the muscles under your arms are rarely used. Use them a little more via a few different exercises with a pull up bar and your bingo wings will fly away.


Neck Muscles

Neck Muscles Your neck muscles hurting happens for a multitude of reasons. It is your job to check for if you have bad posture, or especially for if you are doing incorrect warm ups with your neck. Every few years there are other physical education experts claiming that current neck warm-ups are bad for you. Stay up to date with the safest and most current techniques. There is also a chance that you are using gym equipment wrong. You may see it some time; as a person pushes heavy weights on a machine with their arms, they lurch their head forwards as they strain (very silly thing to do).


The Ankles

The Ankles Just like the neck, ankles are another of the places muscles hurt due to a number of potential causes. If you notice it happening after doing a certain exercise then that may be the cause, but there are many causes of ankle aches, including incorrect posture and even the flu. If your ankles do ache and it is becoming annoying then an ankle massage and sleep is the best thing for you. Unsurprisingly, one of the most common isolated causes is a person overdoing it on a trampoline or running on a trampette.


Back Muscles

Back Muscles A little aching after exercise is expected, but an achy back is no fun. You should be very careful with your back, building up the muscles gradually so that aching is not a big problem. If you are punching above your weight when it comes to gym equipment then pack it in and work your way up slowly. Be sure you are using the equipment correctly too. Press your back up against the device and keep it there as you work out. Do not do exercises that irritate or stimulate the back muscles until the aching has been gone for a few days (ignore that advice at your peril!).


Your Shoulders

Your Shoulders This is often one of the places your muscles hurt after swimming. All across the shoulder blades there are small slithers of muscles that are rarely used unless you are a regular swimmer. If you overdo your swimming without building up these muscles then the aches can be very uncomfortable. Like every exercise, you start off easy and work up. Do not suddenly think you can swim 50 lengths if you do not swim regularly.


Hands and Fingers

Hands and Fingers Women have smaller hands than men that are not built to be as strong. To equal or beat a man’s grip, a woman has to work out her hands. This means that even when using gym equipment, a woman has to build up her hand muscles and that is going to result in aches and pains as the hand muscles grow.

This is far from being a definitive list of the potential places your muscles hurt after exercise. The best advice I can offer is that you recognize which areas are giving you problems and research to understand what you might be overdoing, or what corrections to the way you perform certain exercises you may need to make. If you attend a gym, ask the advice of the trainers. They should at least be able to tell you if you are doing the exercises correctly. Have you noticed any specific patterns in the places your muscles hurt? What remedies have you tried?

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Getting a good workout=a great day

After body pump...every muscle hurts!

Calf muscles every time after doing my Fitsteps workouts sometimes it's days ! Still no pain no gain !

I love being sore, then I know I got a really good workout. I'm not typically sore those places, except my back. Right now my back, butt, and biceps are sore but the end results are totally worth the soreness.

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