7 Things Every πŸ’― Fit Girl πŸ’ͺ🏼 Does before Going to a Party πŸŽ‰ ...


So it is Saturday and you have exciting plans because you were invited to a party tonight. It is your bestie’s birthday so you want to put on your evening wear and rock the night in style. But before you go, since fitness is a large part of your life, there are certain things you will most definitely want to do. Exercise, eating healthy and looking your best are always top of your priorities so when you get to the party you will want to feel and look great. So maintain your fit girl status and check out the things that every fit girl does before going to a party. Now go have a blast!

1. Find Time for a Workout

If you are heading to a party, chances are you are probably not going to eat perfectly. You may even have an alcoholic beverage so do so guilt free by getting your workout in before you get glammed up. Just a one hour high intensity workout can have you burning 600 calories and start your party on the right note.

Drink Plenty of Water
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