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You don't have to sign up for a class in order to enjoy Zumba. You can practice some moves inside of your very own home. As long as you have a little time and a lot of room to move around, you can get in a great workout. So without further adieu, here are a few Zumba videos that you should try dancing along with today:

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Waka Waka Zumba

This video isn't hard to follow along to. You'll be doing each move for a few seconds, which should give you enough time to learn how to do them. Of course, Zumba involves a lot of cardio, so if you need to take a break, you should do so. You should also have water with you, because you don't want to end up dehydrated. Your health comes first.


Zumba Workout for Weightloss

This is a fun little workout that you can do alone or with a few of your friends. The music is so catchy that you won't be able to stop dancing. Plus, some of these moves are even appropriate for you to use in your personal life. That means that you're not only getting fit, but you're learning some moves that you can bust out on the dance floor during a wedding or at a club.


Core Rhythms Workout

If you prefer to listen to instructions while working out, then you're going to love this video. The woman in it will tell you exactly what you're supposed to be doing. That means that there's no way for you to get confused. It's easy to follow along with her instructions. That's why this video is perfect for a beginner.


Uptown Funk

It's much more fun to work out when you're listening to a song that you love. Since everyone's a fan of Uptown Funk, it's the perfect tune to sing along to as you exercise. That's why following along to this video should be easy! Besides, there are kids in the video, so if they can do it, you can too!


Pump It up

This workout is a little intense. You should wait until you're fit to try it out, because it lasts a full hour and involves a lot of cardio. You definitely don't want this to be the first workout you do after months of lounging around on the couch. Save it for the future.


Thirty Minute Workout

This workout lasts a full half-hour, so make sure you're ready to exercise before you turn on this video. Just don't psych yourself out before watching it, because it starts off pretty simply. You don't actually have to be fit in order to follow along. Anyone can pull these moves off, so you might as well try them!


Boom Boom Pow

Do you love the Black Eyed Peas? Then you should definitely try to do this workout. You'll have fun listening to the song during four minutes of dancing. Plus, if it ever comes on while you're at a party, you can teach all of your friends the Zumba moves that you've learned. It'll be fun for everyone involved!


Closer Zumba Workout

Not only is this a phenomenal song to listen to in the car but this video is sure to get your abs burning. Pair it with some of the other shorter videos in this article and you've got yourself a fabulous Zumba dance-a-thon!


Zumba for Beginners

This extended workout for Beginners is great because it's got fairly easy to follow moves and music that's so upbeat you'll want to stay engaged the whole time. It gets harder as you go but an hour of Zumba is a good workout even if you can't keep the steps perfect! Plus, the more you do it the easier it will become.


24K Magic

Another Bruno Mars wonder song that's so much fun you can't help but want to get up and dance when it comes on! Pair that with the moves of Zumba and you've got a great workout on your hands and you didn't even know it. The people in this video look like they're having so much fun and who can really say that when they work out? Not to mention it has such easy to follow steps you'll feel like a pro!

Zumba is a fun way to get fit. That's why it's becoming so popular! Have youever taken a Zumba class before?

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