10 Workout Videos Inspired by Celebs to Have You Red Carpet Ripped ...


Do you wish you had a body like your favorite star? Well, it's impossible to look exactly like them, but you can always follow their lead by doing the same exercises that they do when they hit the gym or invite their personal trainer over. Are you ready to work out like a star? If you are, here are a few workout videos inspired by your favorite celebrities:

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Rihanna Abs Workout

If you want to have abs like Rihanna, you should slip into your workout clothes, roll out a mat, and get to work! This video will show you nine different moves that you'll have to do for forty-five seconds each. You can handle that, can't you? If it helps, try putting on some of Rihanna's music before you get started to pump you up!


Taylor Lautner Workout

You don't have to follow the advice of female celebrities in order to get fit. You can try to do the workouts that sexy men, like Taylor Lautner, do. In order to perform this specific workout, you might have to head to your local gym, because you'll need a fit ball and some weights. If you do the exercises from this video enough, you'll end up with abs like Taylor.


Heidi Klum Workout

Heidi Klum is a supermodel for a reason. She's absolutely gorgeous! Of course, even though she was born with unbelievable genes, she still has to work to look as amazing as she does. If you want to follow her lead, try to do this intense workout. It'll make your booty, your legs, and your arms look more amazing than ever.


Nina Dobrev Midsection Workout

If you've ever seen the Vampire Diaries, you know how sexy Nina Dobrev is. That's why you should take a look at this video, which will show you how to make your midsection look lanky and long. The exercises are explained by Nina's personal trainer, who will show you how to perform her signature moves with a stability ball and a light weight.


Jennifer Aniston's Total Body Yoga Workout

This workout is explained by a woman who has trained celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, in the past. It's perfect for any woman who loves to do yoga but also wants to tone her body. Why? Well, the routine contains a yoga pose and a toning exercise to give you a total body yoga workout. By the time you're finished, you're really going to feel the burn.


Jennifer Lopez's Full Body Workout

Most of us can agree that JLo has an amazing body. That's why you'll probably want to try this workout, which will help you get your glutes, arms, and abs looking sexy and trim. It'll only take you five minutes, and you don't even need any equipment to do it!


Gweyneth Paltrow's Leg Workout

This video will show you a broomstick workout that was created specifically for Gweyneth Paltrow. All you need in order to do it is, you guessed it, a broomstick! While you exercise, you're going to use the stick to help you keep your balance and stay in the correct positions during your exercises.


Khloe Kardashian's Lower Body Workout

Let's get real, no workout list is complete without adding in a Kardashian one. This video shows you how to work your abs, butt, and legs to get a banging body like Koko has now.


Madonna's Arms Workout

One thing is for sure in this world, Madonna has KILLER arms-especially for a woman her age! If you have major Madonna envy than look no further than this 10 minute arm workout to help you build fab looking arms just like her. Just grab a couple dumbbells and you'll be set.


Taylor Swift's Go-to Workout

Taylor Swift isn't the only celeb who loves using Body By Simone and now you can see why! This 22 minute full body workout will have you feeling 22 right along with Miss T-Swift herself. You'll be dripping sweat when she's done with you but you won't even care.

Celebrities are just like us. That means that they have to work hard to get the bodies that they want, and you do, too! What celebrity do you think has the sexiest body?

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