Stop Making These Amateur 7 Treadmill Mistakes ...


Treadmill running is an effective way to get your workout in and you do not have to worry about outside circumstances like inclement weather. If you are new to running on a treadmill you may make simple mistakes that can affect your workout. You may find yourself holding on when you run, starting out too quick or not exercising quick enough or you if you find yourself walking without an incline you will be missing out on a more effective workout. Whatever mistake you may have made let me help you to iron out the errors and get the most out of your treadmill workout.

1. Stop Holding on

If you are holding on to the handles on the treadmill for dear life while you run you can be holding yourself back from a really great workout. You are using your treadmill handles as a crutch to help you strut your miles. Take the crutch away and run swinging your arms on the treadmill to make the most out of your workout!

What about Some Incline
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