How to Get Fit While Balancing Your Back to School Schedule ...


As you get back into the swings of things with back to school for yourself or if you are a mom, your children; life can become pretty hectic. Okay life can just become downright crazy. You did not realize how could you had it over the summer until now. With deadlines, classes, demands and balancing everyday life; how will you find time to get your workout in? Well where there is a will, there is a way so let me share with you how with the right balance you can get it done? If you learn to become a master of your time management you will prioritize in the order of necessity and find time for your fitness. Let me share with you my tips because as a mom of 3, runner, writer for AWS, trainer and Bootcamp owner I am the queen of getting it done and so can you!

1. Plan out a Schedule

Plan out a schedule that includes hourly the tasks you have to do and how to get it done. Make your schedule non-negotiable and include your workout in this time. If you become a master of time management you will get so much more accomplished in your life. You will also stress less as well!

Learn to Multitask
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