7 Ways to Burn More Calories in Your Daily Activities ...


Aren’t we all looking for ways to burn more calories? I know that I am always curious to learn what can burn calories. If I can burn them in my daily activities that is so much the better. Let me share some ways to burn more calories in your daily activities that may encourage you.

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Wear a Pedometer

Wearing a pedometer is actually one of the best ways to burn more calories. This works because it is a kind of daily challenge against yourself. Wearing a pedometer always makes me curious to see what I can do to up my number. Can I beat my steps from the day before? I always want to up my daily best all while going about my daily activities. It just makes you want to get more steps in.


Park Further Away

This tip is one that I am great about doing in the warm summer months but not as good about doing in the cold winter months. You may be tougher than I am and more willing to brave the elements. This it is a way to burn more calories, even if it means you get a little chilly in the winter months. Park further away from the store entrance and walk it. Those little steps add up.


Take the Stairs

When you can, skip the elevator and take the stairs. Not only do you get more daily steps in by walking more but you get a workout, especially if this involves walking up several flights of stairs. This will certainly burn calories. And more than likely, you will feel the burn, as well. Give it a try and see what I am talking about.


Stretch Your Legs

Sitting for long stints of time is not healthy for you. Make it a point to stretch your legs once every hour or two, especially if you have a desk job. Although these are just little stints, getting up to walk around and stretch your legs does burn more calories than sitting for hours on end. Take a little walk around your office building if you can to get some circulation going and calories burning. This will help to improve your focus on your work when you return to your desk.



I know that this sounds silly. But it does work. Fidgeting burns more calories than if you sit still. This works well in my favor since I am a nervous energy kind of girl anyways. Although this is a small way to burn calories, every little bit helps.


Stand More

Yes, standing burns more calories than sitting down does. It burns about double the calories, in fact. An additional benefit that standing offers is that you are more likely to move around to go get something rather than if you are just sitting. Of course, you can stand too much and be hard on your feet. But working toward standing more than you sit is a good goal.


Stay Busy

I love this one and it makes such good sense. Just move more! My doctor’s prescription for weight loss is to move more and eat less. Make it a point to be active. You can clean, work outside, exercise and any number of oter things. Whatever it is that gets you up and moving while you do your daily routine is a good thing.

You can burn calories in your daily life if you just make some small tweaks. What can you add to my list?

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