Find Your Fitness Mojo Once and for All ...

Do you ever see posts by health and exercise gurus online and just think “wow, how the hell do they do that?”. Well, it’s all about finding your fitness mojo! Finding your motivation and enthusiasm is the number one most important thing when it comes to succeeding with a workout regime. If you aren’t feeling the vibes, then you are never going to meet your goals! Austin Powers managed to find his mojo all those years ago, now it’s time for you to find yours! Here is how to find your fitness mojo.

1. Epiphany Moment

You need to get to that moment of epiphany when you realise that you want to get your old life back. It might be wanting to fit in those old jeans, it might be wanting to play with your kids without getting tired quickly, it might be wanting to recreate an old bikini pic. Whatever it happens to be for you, when you finally have that epiphany moment, all of your motivation and mojo will click into place!