Look Here if You're Trying to Make Yourself Actually Enjoy Exercise ...


Look Here if You're Trying to Make Yourself Actually Enjoy Exercise ...
Look Here if You're Trying to Make Yourself Actually Enjoy Exercise ...

Here’s the truth about working out. If you stick to it and follow the rules of your programme, you are going to end up losing weight and getting in shape, but the thing that so many people tend to forget is that in order to stick to your schedule, it really helps if you genuinely enjoy what you are doing! Feeling happy and positive about your exercise is one of the most important elements of a successful fitness journey, so here is how to make yourself enjoy working out.

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Get into the mindset where you realise that exercise is just movement, any kind of movement. The only thing you need to do is commit to moving, and you are already halfway there!


Hard Work = Clear Head

The harder you work in your sessions, the clearer your mind will be focused on the task. And when you have fewer secondary thoughts, you end up enjoying the exercise more.



You will find that once you complete a good workout, you will start to become addicted to the endorphin rush that comes afterward. You start to look forward to feeling it!


Tangible Goals

Don’t set a crazy end goal when you start out, because the lack of progress will sap your energy and enthusiasm. Instead, set much smaller targets that you can enjoy hitting frequently.



Don’t get disheartened by feelings of tiredness and exhaustion after a week of working out; see it a sign that you have executed your plans really well and your body is feeling the burn!


Multiple Goals

Don’t just have weight loss in mind when you exercise. Also have different things in mind like inches lost, muscles tone, and strength gained.



Find workout activities that make you smile, things like Zumba, or yoga, or spinning ... you don’t have to do all of the horrible things if you don’t want to!


Progress Markers

Make sure to have frequent progress markers so that you efforts never feel like they are in vain. There should always be something to celebrate.


In Control

You should start to enjoy the way that exercise makes you feel like you are in control. When you are working out, you should feel like Superwoman!



Don’t work out just because you think you have to, instead try to find any kind of motivation that works for you. It might be reward-related or finding people whose body you aspire to replicate ... anything.



You are much less likely to cancel exercise plans when you have a work out partner, and they can also help to make things more fun than being alone!


Team Sports

Joining a sports team is the perfect way to combine fun with exercise. You can get in shape at the same time as making new friends!


Progress Journal

Make sure to keep a detailed journey of your progress, it will give you something to look back on and be happy about on those days when you don’t feel motivated or inspired.

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