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If you've been wondering how to improve aerobic fitness levels, I'm here to help. Good aerobic fitness is very important if you want to get the most from your exercise routine. A person with good aerobic fitness will be able to walk, run, swim and jog further, faster and for much longer than a person whose aerobic fitness is average or poor. Daily activities are also much easier to cope with.

1. What Exactly is Aerobic Fitness?

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Our muscles need oxygen in order to work at their very best that's why when we exercise, we get out of breath and need to breathe deeper to get the oxygen we need. The better your aerobic fitness levels are, the more you will be able to do in your everyday life. As with any form of exercise, boosting your aerobic levels will take time, and you won't notice results immediately, but within a week or two you should be able to see a real difference in your overall fitness levels. Keep reading to find how to improve aerobic fitness levels.

2. Which Sports Will Give My Aerobic Levels the Biggest Boost?

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There are a number of sports you can take up that will boost your aerobic fitness, as well as your overall fitness levels. Swimming is extremely popular, and can be a good choice for those people who cannot tolerate weight bearing exercise. If you have joint problems or dislike pounding along on pavements, then you'll be pleased to know that it's very difficult to injure yourself while swimming. The water helps to support you, and a good swim will work out most of your major muscle groups. Cycling is another good way to improve your aerobic fitness, but you need to make sure the route you take incorporates a few hills going up and not down!

3. Try Taking an Aerobics Class

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If you like the idea of joining a group rather than exercising on your own, why not consider an aerobics class? These can be good fun as the exercises you will learn are often set to music, making the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Aerobic exercise is also a terrific stress buster, and can be particularly beneficial during lunch time or at the end of a busy day. Remember to plan around your existing commitments and make sure you can honor your commitment to yourself and your health.

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