7 Circuit Training Exercises You Can do at Home ...


There are thousands of challenging circuit training exercises that can be built into a program that will work for you. And a huge bonus is that most of these exercises require little or no equipment at all. These circuit training exercises can be used by athletes or the average person looking to lose weight and get in shape. And these exercises can all be performed in the comfort of your home. So are you ready to get started in earning great results? Then read about the circuit training exercises you can do in your home:

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Victoria Secret Model Training

Want to look like a Victoria Secret model? Then combine this video of circuit training exercises along with a strict healthy diet. This video is a great fat blasting workout to work your total body in ten minutes! Ideal for those on a time crunch looking to burn fat and feel great!


Body Sculpt and Fat Burn

To sculpt your body and accelerate your metabolic rate, perform this 20 minute circuit that combines plyometrics, cardio and weight training. Perform this circuit daily along with healthy eating and you will be wowed by the great results that you earn. So what are you waiting for? Get started!


No Equipment Workout

Perform 3 sets of the exercises in the video to strengthen your total body and build muscle - metabolically active tissue that can help you to lose weight. This circuit training workout can help you to speed up your metabolism and give you some extra pep in your step!


Park Routine

Head over to your local park and create your own circuit routine with 3 sets of lunges, monkey bar pull ups, and bench step ups. Perform this workout 3-5 days a week to challenge yourself and achieve your goal results.


At Home Hard to the Core

Follow this circuit training routine to work your core and total body. Make a goal of performing 3 sets and do what you can. And make sure to focus on proper form to make the most out of this circuit training workout. And lastly, have fun; circuit training is a diverse way to train your body efficiently and effectively minus the boredom!


Plyo Circuit

To burn fat and increase the strength in your total body, perform 20 reps of the plyos and 10 reps of the strength moves. This exercise routine is super challenging but also a heck of a lot of fun. Push your body to the next level and remember to focus on form to make the most out of this workout.


Cardio Crushing Crusader

I've saved one of the most challenging routines for last. Here is a 40 minute circuit training routine that will sculpt your total body and help you to blast that fat. Just make sure you put all your energy into working hard and focus on clean eating. If you do this for 5 days a week, you will begin to see major changes in your body and as a result, become motivated to do more!

Now that you have a group of circuit training workouts that you can perform in your very own home, what are you waiting for? Follow these videos and push yourself to earn fitness and health greatness. Are you ready to get fit and fab?

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