7 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...


7 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...
7 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...

The world has become such a busy place so you must find a way to sneak in exercise. If you don’t, you may not find time for weeks on end. If you break into a habit of exercising, it will be hard to stop. Pick a way to sneak in exercise now, and later on, you will not have to!

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Morning Jog, Run, Etc

The best way to sneak in exercise is to get your day rolling with it. You can head out for a morning jog or run. You may even get a quick bedside routine done in twenty minutes tops. Starting your day with exercise can give you the type of energy that coffee drinkers can only dream off. You will be starting your day with one of your most important daily tasks checked off of your list.


Squats in the Office

Now you do not have to limit yourself to only squats. You can do lunges or whatever you can fit in. Every hour needs movement. So pick a little routine and hop to it. Before long, you will be able to do your routine and feel the burn without a hint of embarrassment attached. You might even be able to get your coworkers to join in on the fun.


Walk Here and There

If you have the chance, let your legs do the commuting for you. I live on campus where it is super easy to just take the shuttle. I literally have to push myself to avoid the convenience and just walk to class, but it is so worth it. Feeling my legs tone up as I walk is super rewarding. I urge you to park a little farther away and walk a bit more.


Stairs Please

You know those steps that come in a series, one right after the other? Take them! The elevator may seem convenient, but the stairs are where exercise lies. Once you get into the habit of using the stairs, you probably won’t even feel the like it is a hassle. You’ll love it! Well… you’ll love those toned calves.


Standing Room Only

An easy way to exercise without realizing it is to stay standing. While you are on the phone, stand up. Stand up to eat your breakfast. Stay standing while you read. Stand up a few minutes every hour while you are at work. Standing will burn more calories than sitting down ever will! [Unless you are rowing a boat or something while sitting.]


Keep Daily Targets

Try this for a week and see if it is for you. On Monday, pick a target for pushups. Let us say 50 is your daily goal. Do ten right as you get up. Ten after you brush your teeth. Complete the rest during the day. Then pick a new exercise for each following day. Set your goal and aim to surpass it each day.


Schedule It

This is the sneakiest way to sneak in exercise. By scheduling a workout plan, it literally comes into play automatically. There is no need to worry about when you will exercise because you will just do it. Start small by taking a group fitness class. Then amp it up with a morning or afternoon workout routine. Slowly, but surely, you will begin to see your love for fitness come out. You will not regret purposefully adding in workouts to your daily routine.

I hope that sneaking exercise into your day helps you start to love your body more for what it is and what it can do. Each day is yours to conquer. How will you exercise your way to fitness?

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I can't wait to start working out

Also if you have time to do a quick yoga move or two. Like Warrior or Tree Pose. They do not involve sitting in the floor. :3 Nice tips. Thanks!

Humm smart !!

Be confident you can improve your body and soul thru constant exercise

I really like breaking up tough exercises. I can do about 3 reps of a regular push-up but breaking it up into 10 reps, 3-5 times in a day. I like the idea of doing a difficult exercise every day and breaking it up throughout the day.

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