7 New Year New You Workouts ...


7 New Year New You Workouts ...
7 New Year New You Workouts ...

Want to try some great New Year workouts so that you can get in your best shape this year? Well, start out with day one and follow these workouts through the week. If you feel stronger, add some cardio with running or walking, and revamp your eating by making healthier choices. It is time for you to work to your best health! Are you ready for some great New Year workouts?

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Quickie Tone

If you have not exercised in quite some time, this is one of the best new year workouts to gradually bring you back into the fitness zone. The best part is that it takes just 5 minutes of your day to complete. Do as many reps as you can for a 5 minute span, all you need is a pair of weights and lots of energy. This is a great workout you can easily squeeze into your day. Enjoy this workout because it is definitely one of the best New Year workouts that you can do!


Leggy Workout

Here is another 5 minute workout to target your legs. That is great, because it will also boost your metabolism.


5 Minute Total Body

To get in shape, stay fit and start the New Year on a bang, try this great workout. If you feel stronger you can repeat this video, but start gradual and focus on form. This video has all the key exercises that should be part of your fitness routine. So have fun and start the New Year the right way!


Hard to the Core

Work and strengthen your abs with the 4 stand up moves seen in this video. These exercises can strengthen your core and better your posture. So stand up tall and complete these exercises at your own pace. It is a new year so if you have always wanted a stronger core, it is time for you to work for it. If not now, then when?


Lean Legs Workout

As you get stronger, challenge yourself to this great lower body workout for just 12 minutes. As you are starting the New Year on a bang, this is a great workout to try on the 5th day to push yourself to the next level. Fell the burn and have fun because you are getting stronger and in your best shape this year!


Super Sculpt Core

Super sculpt your core this year with this great ab toning workout. This 12 minute workout is great to perform on the 6th day of your plan as you are stronger and more mentally focused on getting in your best shape. Make sure to follow the tips in this video to focus on form and never rush through an exercises. Engage your abs, tighten your core and stay focused on getting fit and fabulous this New Year! It all starts with you, so work for it, you deserve to be in your best shape!


Angel Butt Workout

This video is great to work your lower body and get your best body this year! You can see the difference in a matter of week so end your week with this great lower body workout. As you get stronger you can increase the intensity of this workout by adding weights. These are all great lower body exercises that will work your lower body to achieve great results. To challenge yourself further, add a 20 minute run/walk today.

Hope you have enjoyed these New Year workouts that you can do each day of the week as you embark on your fitness challenge this year. To increase your cardio on any given day, add a run or walk and push yourself at your own personal fitness level. Make sure you eat healthier to see the best results and have fun because this is your journey! Are you ready to get in your best shape this year?

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