6 Exercise πŸ’ͺ Hacks for a Better πŸ‘ Workout That Everyone πŸ’― Needs to Know πŸ—― ...


Everyone needs some exercise hacks for better workouts.

Have you ever thought that simple small changes in your exercise routine can make a huge difference in the end result? A few months back, one of my friends introduced me to these 6 simple steps that I can incorporate into my exercise routine. tried to use these few steps and amazingly it does make a huge impact on my body. It gives my body that extra effort to perform a particular type of exercise and it feels that I burned more calories than usual. Surprisingly, I did lose few more kgs than usual. Try these exercise hacks for better workouts now and feel the burn.

1. Smaller Surface Area

A wider surface area will make your body more stable. For example, if you are standing in a bus, you will normally widen your legs apart to make yourself more stable. A smaller surface area will make your body less stable. Thus, it will make your body work harder than usual to become stable. You can reduce your body surface area by doing push-ups with your hands a bit closer together. You can also bring your feet closer together during squats. If you want a more challenging act, try removing a point of support like removing one leg in single-leg deadlifts and one arm during planks with arm raises. This is one of the best exercise hacks for better workouts.

Go for an Unstable Surface
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