6 Easy Steps to a Six Pack ...


6 Easy Steps to a Six Pack ...
6 Easy Steps to a Six Pack ...

For lots of people, achieving a solid six pack is considered the holy grail of health and fitness, mainly because it so hard to gain and then so hard to keep hold of! However, if you break it down and take things step by step, the process starts to look more achievable. It’s not something that is going to happen overnight, or even in weeks but dedicated and commitment will definitely get you there in the end! Here are six easy steps to a six pack.

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Strong Foundation

It’s essential that you build a strong foundation for your six pack to appear. You can lose every ounce of fat on your body but if you don’t have a strong core, you won’t achieve a six pack. It’s worth taking up something like yoga in order to really work on awakening that core.



Abs are built as much in the kitchen as in the gym, so you need to get your diet in order. An ideal six pack inducing diet should be protein heavy and also include carbs that will give you the energy to work out. Obviously, lay off the bad fats.


Mind Set

You can’t achieve anything unless you change your mindset. You shouldn’t only be striving for a six pack, but for a total lifestyle change. The abs will then come as a side effect of a bigger overhaul.


Achieving those coveted abs is more about adopting a holistic approach to health and wellbeing than obsessing over a single goal. It's essential to cultivate a positive and determined mindset that is focused on nurturing your body with the right foods, regular exercise, and good sleep. When you prioritize your overall health, you'll find that the physical changes you desire will start to manifest naturally. Remember, it's not about a quick fix, but about making sustainable changes that enhance your entire life. Embrace this journey with a strong, resilient attitude and watch as your body transforms.



Train with a friend rather than by yourself. You’d be surprised just how much more motivated you are when in the presence of someone else. It is much harder to let a friend down than yourself!



You need to find types of exercise and cardio that you genuinely like, because doing something you enjoy rather than something you see as a chore makes a massive difference to your commitment and enthusiasm.



You need to remember to be patient and stay committed, even when results don’t immediately start to come in the first few weeks of your routine. Stay focused, and make a habit out of working out three to five times a week. The rewards will follow!

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