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7 Reasons Why You Don't Need the Gym to Keep Fit ...

By Lydia

It’s so easy to use the lack of a nearby gym, being unable to afford the membership, or not being able to find the time as excuses for not exercising. These are among the lamest excuses for not getting up off the couch to get some exercise. You don’t need a gym to work out. And there are some very good reasons why you can and should work out at home. Proof is in the reasons why you don't need the gym to keep fit.

1 There Are No Gym Fees

Gym memberships can be pretty pricey, especially if you have to pay a year’s membership up front. Cancel your membership and work out in other ways, see the world as your gym! You could spend some of the money you save on your membership on some home equipment, a workout DVD or even a personal trainer to show you some moves. Make your own plan that is tailored to your fitness goals and working out at home will be great fun.

2 Mix It up

After a while, the fancy machines at the gym can get pretty boring. Working out at home with an exercise DVD, a YouTube video or just doing your own routines will offer so much more variety. You can mix it up so that you never get bored with working out.

3 Fat Burning

Have you been trudging away on the treadmill willing the calorie counter to go up faster? Leave the gym and run free outside in the open air. You’ll burn more calories doing quick sprints to get your heart rate up than you would walking on the treadmill. High intensity circuit training and sprinting can really help to speed up your metabolism too. If you’re not much of a runner then try a brisk walk, or just have a good dance around your living room!

4 No Time Limits

Gyms close and that might be the exact time that is best for you to go. When you work out at home you aren’t tied to times and you don’t have anyone waiting for you to get off one of the machines so that they can have their turn. Work out when it is convenient for you, not just when the gym is open. Also, working out at home gets rid of that ‘getting to the gym’ step that some of us find tough. You can just put on your kit and head downstairs; you don’t have to do any traveling that might put you off going.

5 Improve Your Core

When you use your body weight in exercise you actually engage your core much better than on the machines. So squat, plank, lunge and push up as much as you can. Getting something out of the oven? Squat. Lost something under the sofa? Plank.

6 Work out at Your Own Pace

At home you can set yourself goals. You don’t have anyone watching you, or secretly competing with you so you can work out at your own pace. You will also find that you challenge yourself more too. Each day add an extra couple of burpies, or add a few more squats to your routine.

7 No Judgment

If you are a little body conscious, or are intimidated by the gym goers who look like they live there, then working out at home is ideal. You can learn the routines and exercises without any judgmental eyes. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got the right trainers when you are at home either. You’ll find that in the comfort of your own home you can really relax and put more effort in than you would if you were nervously walking around the gym, wondering what to do.

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