10 Biggest Fitness 💪🏼 Myths Totally BUSTED😮 ❌❕❕ ...


As you look around the gym you notice people doing different workouts. Some are strict cardio, others are lifting heavy, there are the light weight lifters and everything in between. So what is the right workout and why are we all doing things so differently? Let's take a reality check as I bring the truth to light. As a certified trainer for well over a decade I know the fitness myths that are so widespread. Let me share with you the truth to help you get your fit on, starting today!

1. Myth = Spot Reduction Works

Spot reduction is not possible or we could all defy genetics. Some people harbor fat in certain areas more than others. The good news is that you can lower your body fat stores overall through diet and exercise to see total body results. So set realistic goals, eat healthy and put in the time exercising and I promise you will see some absolutely amazing results!

Myth = Your Abs Are Divided in Upper, Middle and Lower Regions
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