7 Moves for a Perfect Day of Fitness ...


To have a perfect day, health is integral, so fitness is essential.

This means a perfect day is not a day sitting around doing nothing.

So, what moves are the right moves to get you going and keep you feeling great throughout the day?

1. Yoga Stretch

Wake up and make your body and mind alert with these calming yoga stretches.

These stretches will get you up and moving to embark on a great day.

This active stretching is a meditative way to start the day.

So follow along, get stretching and get ready for an awesome day!

2. Light Run

A perfect day of fitness of course involves cardio to strengthen your heart and burn mega calories, so get running.

You can run indoors on a treadmill, in place or outdoors to enjoy the scenery.

But whatever you do, push yourself to raise your heart rate and get your fitness sweat on.

3. Squat Jacks

Start out in standing position and drop it low for a squat jack.2

This move will work your legs and core.

To have a perfect day of exercise, including a body weight exercise like this is ultra-important.

This will help boost your metabolism at rest and you will have more energy for the day!

4. Squat It out

Get down low to work your quads, hamstrings and glutes.2

Mid-afternoon, after your lunch break, you can enjoy a nice seat in a squat hold.

This body weight exercise can awaken your muscles and boost your metabolism.

So drop it low to work your lower half and enjoy your perfect day of fitness!

5. Plank It out

To work your total body, do not forget your core.2

Your core strength is important for injury prevention, looking and feeling great.

So get your body in a straight line and tighten your abs.

Begin with just 20 seconds and work your way up to several minutes.

Engage your core as you perform this super exercise.

Follow along to this video as I show you how it is done.2

Now Walk It out
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