No Sweat Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather ...


Hot temps are no reason to give up your workout. After all, you know that exercise is pretty important for keeping your weight healthy, preventing diseases and building strong muscles and bones. I know how miserable it can be to exercise when it’s roasting outside, but with these handy tips, you can get the most out of your workout without feeling like you’re going to die in the process. Mix and match them to find what works best for you. Good luck!

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Take It inside the Gym or Your House

That’s a no-brainer, right? If you love to jog the neighborhood, try a run on the treadmill in the air conditioned gym or your basement. Or run the stairs at home, jog in place while you watch a movie or try a Zumba class. Moving the workout inside helps keep you cool while also allowing you to burn some calories and stick with your program.


Get out Early or Later in the Day

Instead of working out after lunch, try fitting it in early in the morning or after dinner. These times are cooler because the sun isn’t as fierce. You can still enjoy an outdoor session without the dangers of exercising in extreme heat. You might find that you love getting your workout out of the way or having it to look forward to as a positive way to end your day.


Take Things Slow until You Know How You’ll React

Just like with anything exercise related, you should take it slow if you’re new to exercising in the heat. As you go you’ll know whether you can handle more or if the heat is too much for you. Start small and assess how you feel regularly and you should be able to exercise when it’s hot without compromising your health. You might also find that you’re better off indoors until the mercury drops.


Drink Lots and Lots of Water before, during and after

When it’s really hot outside, you naturally sweat more, which means you are losing more fluids that need to be replaced. That makes it ultra important to be drinking plenty of water before you exercise, but also during and after your session. This way you stay hydrated and healthy despite the number on the thermometer. Your urine should be clear or light yellow. If it’s not, drink up!


Wear Loose Fitting Clothing so It Doesn’t Stick to You

When you sweat, your clothes naturally cling to your moist skin. By wearing loose fitting clothes when it’s hot outside, you eliminate this problem, allowing air to flow over your body, which can help keep you cooled off. Choose moisture wicking fabrics, which can also help. You don’t want your clothes so big that they get in the way, but not so tight that you’re dying either.


Wear Sunscreen and a Hat

If you’re going to be out in the sunshine, make sure to protect yourself from sunburn. Wear plenty of SPF on all exposed skin and wear a hat to protect your face and eyes. You should always do this, even in cold weather, but it’s extra crucial when the sun is blazing down on you.


Be Aware of the Danger Signs of Heat Stroke

A heat related illness can be dangerous so you want to be aware of the symptoms so you can get help if needed. If, during hot weather exercise, you experience dizziness, fatigue, confusion, headache, unusually elevated heart rate, nausea, vomiting or muscle cramps, it’s time to stop and seek medical help.

How do you stay comfortable exercising in hot weather? Will you try any of these tips?

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