7 Excuses Not to Use to Skip Your Workout ...


It can be easy to find excuses when you want to skip your workout.2

While there are some valid reasons that you shouldn’t work out, there are also some excuses you shouldn’t use.

If you’re sick or injured, then you absolutely can skip your exercise but let’s talk about some excuses that you shouldn’t use.2

1. You’re Not in the Mood

This is a very easy excuse to come up with and a feeling we all have from time to time.

You’re just not in the mood to work out.

While there are some people that love to exercise, a lot of people don’t.

Therefore, it stands to reason that there is going to be a lot of times you aren’t in the mood if you don’t love exercise.

Here’s a little secret, though.

A lot of times you’ll realize you’re into your workout after you make yourself start.

2. You’re Bored with Your Workout

If you’re bored with your workout then change it up.

Don’t allow yourself to use that as an excuse.

Thereare too many options available for that to work.

There are exercise classes, DVDs, workout equipment you can use at home, you can join a gym or just take a jog.2

If you’re feeling bored, then try something new rather than skipping your workout.

3. You’re Busy

It’s easy to use the excuse that you’re too busy to work out because it’s probably true.

Most people are busy.

Your life may be full with school, work and a social life.

It’s hard to squeeze a workout in.

But you can do it.

Whenever you feel tempted to use this as an excuse, remind yourself that exercising will give you energy for all that you need to accomplish.

4. You’re Tired

Don’t let yourself use this excuse to get out of a workout.

Unless you’re truly going on no sleep, you should push through.

Regular tiredness from a busy day shouldn’t get you off the hook of working out.

Exercising energizes you and can actually help you to be less tired.

Remind yourself of that when you’re tempted to use this excuse.

You Have Children
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