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13 Awesome Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment ...

By Eliza

Working out at home is a great idea for just about anyone, but you'll need some home exercise equipment to help you get the job done right. A nice mix of pieces gives you lots of options when you decide it's time to burn some calories and get in shape. By doing so you reduce your risk of several health issues and can keep your weight in check. Plus, you build some muscle and look healthy. What more could you ask for, am I right? Building your home exercise equipment collection might take some time, but as you get into it, you'll come up with the things you want to add and you'll be able to create new and exciting routine all the time.

1 An Exercise Mat

An Exercise MatVia The No Squats Belly, Butt, ...
One of the most basic pieces of home exercise equipment is a mat that you can place on any surface so that you can do your routine in comfort. This is great if you have wooden or concrete floors in your house.

2 The Bosu Ball

The Bosu BallVia I Get It From My ...
You can do so many things with this innovative piece of equipment. It will tone and transform your core and leave you with muscles that everyone will covet. It might not be the cheapest thing you buy, but it will be totally worth it.


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3 Build It Yourself

Build It YourselfVia DIY Home Gym Equipment: Man ...
If you're handy, you can use hardware materials to create your own customized equipment that meets your exact needs. This is great if you have a dedicated space for your workouts. It might not be easy to move, but will revolutionize the way you exercise.

4 Barre Moves You Can do at Home

Barre Moves You Can do at HomeVia 5 Barre Moves You Can ...
Install a barre in your house and you'll have so many options for exercise that you won't know where to start. You can bet that all your friends will want to come over and use it all the time too.

5 Home Gym Must Haves

Home Gym Must HavesVia 30 Things You NEED In ...
By diversifying your workout equipment, you have plenty of choices. That's great for keeping things fresh and new so you don't get bored with your program. Because we all know that means throwing in the towel and giving up.

6 Install a Weight Rack

Install a Weight RackVia Creating a Simple Home Gym ...
Chances are that you won't use the same pound load for all of your moves. Plus, as you get stronger, you'll need to move to heavier ones. That's why having a basic rack of weights in a variety of sizes will really pay off.

7 Keep It All Organized

Keep It All OrganizedVia Exercise Room Organization |
Make sure you can easily get to your stuff, so you are able to get your workout done efficiently and quickly without getting upset that you can't find what you need.

8 For the Big Stuff

For the Big StuffVia How To Build a CrossFit ...
If you're serious about your weight lifting schedule, you can dedicate an unused space where you can arrange your equipment and leave it out when you aren't using it. The garage is a great choice.

9 Videos and Magazines

Videos and MagazinesVia wish list—the ultimate home gym ...
You'll get a lot of use out of everything on this list, but if you stock up with magazines and videos, you'll have some quick places to go for new moves and tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your workout.

10 The Space Saving Squat Rack

The Space Saving Squat RackHere's another great example of equipment you can build and use yourself for big, strong muscles without having to spend a ton of money.

11 Choose Portable Picks

Choose Portable PicksVia A work in progress
If you can't leave your workout space set up all the time, you need to choose a variety of items that you can move and store easily when not in use. Everything on this list fits the bill just right.

12 Resistance Bands

Resistance BandsVia 8 Popular Fitness Classes, Explained
Resistance bands are one of the best things for toning muscles and sculpting your entire body. They can be rolled up and stored anywhere. Plus, you can stash them in your purse and take them on the go if you need to.

13 Treadmills, Etc

Treadmills, EtcVia The Best Fitness Tools for ...
Treadmills, ellipticals and stair steppers are invaluable choices for rounding out your collection. They are great for burning calories and fat for weight loss.

Why do you exercise? I like being able to eat my favorite foods, so I've got to burn those calories somehow. Are you ready to set up your home gym now? Let me know how it goes.

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