7 Resolutions to Commit to That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level ...


7 Resolutions to Commit to That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level ...
7 Resolutions to Commit to That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level ...

With a new year started and in full swing, it is time to start fresh with a commitment to new goals. Without goals where would we be? Probably sitting on our couch, watching the latest Hallmark movie. Although it is good to relax, it is so much more important to seize the day! Get out and make life happen instead of waiting for it to happen to you by committing to resolutions starting today. And take your workout to the next level by following these great resolutions. So tag - you’re it, now follow me and commit to your health and fitness:

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I Will Eat Healthier

If you want to take your workout to the next level and see more results, focus on your fuel. Donuts and cookies are not the fuel to a true fitness buff, because your body will eventually break down. Vegetables and fruits are your golden ticket to better performance, health and results! And they are your fuel for good reason: veggies and fruits help your body recover and fuel to have your best athletic performance. So focus on eating better starting today!


Add Strength Training

A great resolution you should definitely commit to this year is adding strength training. Strength training will improve your overall fitness level, boost your metabolism and help you in preventing an injury. So pump some iron to help you avoid being sidelined due to an injury and as a result, watch your body look tighter and toned!


Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

One resolution you so should make is to get comfortable being uncomfortable in your workouts. If your workouts are relaxed and easy, guess what? You are not working out! Working out should be challenging and you should be finishing your workouts in a sweat. If this is not the case, push yourself more! This is the key to fitness and health success!


Use Competition as Motivation

To stay motivated towards your goals consider signing up for a little competition. Whether it is a running race, triathlon or even a strength event; adding competition to the mix will keep you working strong towards your goals!


Utilize Active Recovery

An active recovery run where you are running at a more relaxed pace is still work but it is actually healing your muscles. Studies show exercise at this level after a more strenuous day will help rid the body of lactic acid and the next day you will feel amazing! So even on your sore days after you really pushed, active recovery may save the day!


Do Different Exercises

If you are performing the same workout every day, you could be doing your body a disservice. You are overworking the same muscles without rest and your body will adjust. So get diverse this year and switch up the exercises you are doing. Or head to a local gym to try different classes or a Bootcamp to have a trainer guide you in proper form and technique to achieving great results!


Stay Consistent

To become stronger in both your workouts and fitness level, it is essential to get on a regular exercise routine, eliminating the excuses on days you to not feel like working out. To achieve optimal fitness performance and see results, you have to get on a regular routine! So did you get your workout in today? If not, why not?

So tell me what is your favorite resolution on this list and which one will you commit to? I do hope you answered all! Happy New Year! Make this year a great one with health and fitness success!

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I've already started doing different kinds of workouts everyday... I have arm day, leg day, cardio and leg day or cardio and arm day. My only problem is trying to eat right all day. I'll eat oatmeal in the morning with fruits and feel good but then my mom buys pizza and just give in... and then feel so bad about it later. So I workout again. And I also drink water all day long. Maybe just one cup of juice or green tea but definitely drink water all day long.

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