7 Best Exercises for Toned Arms That Seriously Work ...


My arms have always been a favorite part of my body, so it’s no wonder I keep a few exercises for toned arms in my workout all the time.

I like to look strong and toned while wearing dresses or anything sleeveless for that matter.

So, here are a few exercises for toned arms that I swear by, that totally work wonders!

1. Curls


Curls are great exercises for toned arms that you always wanted!

Curls target your biceps in an attempt to make them look awesome!

They are pretty versatile too.

You can do barbell curls, dumbbell curls or preacher curls!

To do the workout, start by keeping your back straight, feet planted and your elbows to your sides.

Lift the weight ( the dumbbells, etc.) to your shoulders and lower back down with control.3

Be sure not to drop the weight down quickly or you could hurt yourself!

2. Tricep Extensions

Tricep Extensions

Tricep extensions are another good way to sculpt strong, toned arms!

Tricep extensions are best done at the gym!

To do tricep extensions, start by keeping your feet firmly planted, shoulders down and your core tight.

Grab the weight from the cable machine, pull the handle down towards your hips, while keeping elbows stationary and shoulders down.

Be sure to go easy on the way up, going too fast could strain!2

3. Pull Ups

Pull Ups

I am a big fan of pull ups.

They’re my favorite workout to do!

They’re pretty easy to execute as well.

Pull up on the pull up bar with your palms facing towards your face, and pull your body weight up.

Be sure not to rock back and forth.

You want to achieve a smooth up and down form.

Keep those shoulders down too!

4. Push Ups

Push Ups

Push ups work out the whole body and are an overall great exercise for building strength!2

They also target your triceps!

To execute a push up, keep your palms on the floor at chest height and make sure that your arms are wide enough so that you lower and raise your arms at a 90 degree angle.

You can go slightly lower depending on your level of expertise!

Chair Dips
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