7 Ways Fit Girls Have More Fun in Life ...


So fitness has been my life for long as I can remember; in fact I cannot imagine my life without fitness. And as a trainer, I work to spread my love for fitness and health to others. My hopes is that you read this and you are inspired to get in better shape too. So let me share with you one of the any benefits of being fit like how fit girls just have way more fun. Fit girls have a zest for life and make the most of each day and they are up for most activities because they just feel that good. There are also so many other ways fit girls have way more fun. So check out these ways, then lace up your shoes and put your body to the test to get fit and have a blast!

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Have More Energy

When you are fit you have way more energy to embark on your list of daily tasks. I rise as early as 4am for work and my energy is surged because I always find time for fitness. People ask me if I get tired and my answer is always no because fitness gives me the energy I need to have a great day! And I smile and have more fun each and every day simply due to the fact that I am fit and feel great!


Better Health

If you are fit you will have better health and this will help your fit girl status so you will not be sidelined due to illness. You will see the doctor for just wellness visits and avoid having to take medicine. Fit girls have less woes of being sick because they make time to prioritize their fitness and health daily!


Look Better

Let’s face it; a slim, sculpted stomach will look way better in a bikini then a bulging, flabby tummy. So make time for your cardio, resistance exercise and of course make healthy food choices. Choosing to be fit is not just about exercise but eating properly as well. So go ahead and choose to be better!


Willing to Live on the Edge

Fit girls usually have less stress because they put all their stress in their workouts. Their workouts are their time to meditate and reflect on their day. And as they pound the pavement or pump the weights, they feel as if with every movement their stress is released!


Elevated Mood

Fit girls have an elevated mood and you may even notice them smiling more. This is because fitness makes you feel better and this is translated in just how you present yourself to the world. If you are a runner you are producing happy chemicals when you work out that can literally transform your day. Weight lifters also get this same surge. So exercise for a happier day and choose to be a fit girl!


More Confidence

Stand tall and be proud of all the hours you spend exercising and preparing healthy meals. You look the way you do because of the choices you make so be confident and keep that head up. You earned the hard, tight and beautiful body you have. And girl you are healthier as a result of these efforts too!


Always Ready to Conquer the Day

Fit girls wake up with a spring in their step ready to conquer the day. They do not wake up and reluctantly get out of bed. They get out of bed with purpose and passion to make a difference. Fit girls know what they want out of life and they do not sit and wait for life to happen to them. They go out and make life happen!

So fit girl, are you ready to have more fun and make the most out of each day. Then go ahead and get your workout in; this is literally the most important part of your day!

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Yeah I think it's better to be just the best you. If you want to be skinny or fit okay. If you like being a cornfed country chick with a fat ass and hips like me than so be it 😍

Not necessarily. But to each his own.

I agree i am that way !

I agree with with lilgixxergirl ... a bigger girl can have more confidence than a skinny girl and have more fun in every other way

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